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Firstly on behalf of the Admins and Moderators of Feathers and Photos we want to say thanks.

For those of you who remember the original days of BirdingOZ and the transition to Feathers and Photos you will know its been a bit of a journey.
A journey that has seen the site grow in membership to over 1000 members!
All of us have loved sharing, learning and making new friends in what we think is one of the friendliest forums around.
Feathers and Photos would be nothing without the ongoing contribution of its members in sharing their images, skills, knowledge and community.
So again we thank you.

We have also been genuinely touched by numerous offers from our members to help out in a financial way. Whilst the time spent by the Admins and Mods is often great, there is also a financial cost in software upgrades, domain name registration, hosting etc.

Whilst we have been happy to cover those expenses it has also been logistically difficult to be able to manage donations from members.
Spurred by more recent offers of help we have now started a bank account under the care of the 3 Admins (Paul, Rich and Dave) which we will be able to accept donations into.
We want to stress that there is no obligation whatsoever for people to support Feathers and Photos financially.
We don’t want people to feel pressured in any way. However if people can spare a few dollars to contribute towards the continued running of the site then we would certainly appreciate it.
For those that do wish to donate, you become a Site Sponsor by donating $20 or more. There will be a few little perks for Site Sponsors that we will add to your membership including:

  • Increased PM's from 100 to 200
  • Increased album pictures from 50 to 100 pictures
  • User has ability to create their own blog
  • Custom User Title

At this stage we can only accept payments via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into our account.
Account Details

UPDATED July 2014

Feathers & Photos

BSB : 082991
Account # :

So if you feel that you are able to contribute in this way we can and will gladly accept whatever you felt comfortable with. Even $5 or $10 takes a little bit of pressure from our own pockets.
We are keen to keep Feathers and Photos pushing forward in becoming an even better forum and will always appreciate your feedback and continued input in posting images and sharing your thoughts and comments.

If you would like to chat to us about becoming a sponsor, the main discussion thread can be found HERE.

Thanks so much again for making Feathers and Photos Australia’s best Birding and Bird Photography forum!

Best regards from all of the Admins and Mods. :)
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