Sherwood Forest Park, Sherwood, Brisbane

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A sprawling arboretum that includes two ponds and some surrounding parkland that hugs the Brisbane river - fruiting fig trees a feature

[top]Getting there

Enter at the car park off Jolimont Street, Sherwood - lagoons, parkland, riverside vegetation

[top]When to go



Barbeques/covered picnic area/swings and slides/toilets etc

[top]Key species

Birds one can expect to see include Dusky Moorhen, Purple Swamphen, Australian White Ibis (breeding), Hardhead, Pacific Black Duck, Mallard, Grey Teal, Darter, Australasian Grebe, Magpie Geese, Little Black and Little Pied Cormorant.

One of the best places (though never easy) to find two very elusive species - Little Bittern and Bush-hen, whilst Crakes such as Baillons and Spotless turn up periodically. The Buff-banded Rail is also recorded from time to time. Try along the creekline that runs into the lagoon.

Resident birds around the lake area include White-breasted Woodswallow, Fairy Martin, Welcome Swallow, Brown Honeyeater, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Clamorous Reed-warbler, Little Corella, Grey and Pied Butcherbird, Noisy Miner, Sacred and Azure Kingfisher, Figbird and Olive-backed Oriole.

In summer Channel-billed Cuckoos, Common Koel and Rainbow Bee-eaters frequent the area, whilst Barred Cuckoo-shrikes turn up periodically and feed on the large fig trees within the park.
Channel-billed Cuckoos, whilst very large birds are shy and hard to get in the open. Pacific Baza are sometimes around, and a number of other uncommon species have been recorded over time such as Woompoo Fruit-dove, White-headed Pigeon and Black Kite.


[top]Maps & GPS


Name:  woodswallow wb group.jpg
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White-browed Woodswallows

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Purple Swamphen

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Grey Butcherbird

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Masked Lapwing

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Australasian Grebe
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