Newport Lakes, Newport

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Newport Lakes is a revegetated quarry that was reclaimed for use as a reserve and park. It consists of 2 main lakes that are split down the middle with a narrow rock walk way. The park has been replanted with many native species and as such contains varying species of birds.

[top]Getting there

The park can be found just off Mason St in Newport.

[top]When to go

The park is quite good at any time of year though in late spring you can find many types of birds nesting.


Toilets, playground

[top]Key species

Ducks and Swans have become quite used to people at this location and can be approached with ease. The park is also great for the more common Honeyeater species (New Holland, White-plumed, Red Wattlebird etc) and Lorikeets are often abundant. Swift Parrots are also regular winter inhabitants.


[top]Maps & GPS


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