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[top]Using images in Articles

To use images in FeatherWiki articles we upload images to the image namespace and use the [images]image name|parameters[/images] code to insert images into articles. This allows for greater control over images and how they appear in articles. Using the images namespace also enables other FeatherWiki contributors to reuse images already uploaded in other articles. More information on using images in FeatherWiki can be read in the VaultWiki manual on images.

[top]Uploading an image

Uploading images to the images namespace of FeatherWiki is not a difficult process and is in fact very similar to creating a forum thread and uploading an image as normal with one main exception, the title of the article MUST be exactly the same as the image you're uploading, INCLUDING the file extension. It is also suggested no spaces are used in the filename.

1. From The main FeatherWiki page click the link to the Images section.

2. Click the link at the top entitled 'Post New Article'.

3. A new prompt appears requesting you insert a Title, you MUST title the article exactly the same as the image filename you're uploading INCLUDING the file extension. In the example below I wish upload an image with the filename Shy Heathwren_2010-12-23_R Hall.jpg You can see the article title is exactly the same, including the .jpg extension.

note: It is advisable you name the image you're uploading to something meaningful so fellow contributors can search for the image easily if they wish to use it in another article. Common Name_Date Photographed_Photographer's Name or similar is recommended. Shy Heathwren_2010-12-23_R Hall.jpg

4. The next step is to upload your image as normal using the attachment system just like you would in the forum.

We also suggest you place a little text in the article along with your image such as the common name, scientific name, location and date photographed. The screenshot below gives an idea of some accompanying text.

5. Once you've uploaded the image and written some information in the article, simply post it as you would a normal forum thread. The image you've just uploaded can now be used in ANY FeatherWiki article by using the [images]image name|parameters[/images] code.

For example, the image above would now be inserted into an article by any member using code similar to the following; [images]Shy Heathwren_2010-12-23_R Hall.jpg|Shy Heathwren, Monarto Conservation Park[/images]

For further examples of the [images][/images] code, be sure to check out the List of Wiki Codes page and scroll down to the [images] section.
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