How to: Create an article in the Australian Bird Guide

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In this tutorial we will learn how to create a new article in the Australian Bird Guide.

[top]Creating a new article

The first step in creating a new article in the Australian Bird Guide is to navigate to the correct section of FeatherWiki for the article you wish to create.

From the FeatherWiki main page, navigate to the Australian Bird Guide section.

You will now be presented with a list of families of Australian birds. I'm going to create a new article on the Southern Scrub-robin, so I need to scroll down the page and find the section called: Australasian Robins. Once you've located the correct location for the species you're creating an article for, click the link to navigate to that section.

[top]Articles, Chapters and Books

You will now be in the 'book' for the Australasian Robins. Books are simply collections of articles and are used to organise articles. In this example, I'm adding an article on the Southern Scrub-robin into a book called Australasian Robins. The article I'm adding will become a chapter in the Australasian Robins book.

To create a new article as a chapter in this book, just click the 'Add New Chapter' button.

Next we need to choose where the new article will be located; choose Create New Chapter in: and select the Australian Bird Guide.

Then click the Add Chapter button.

[top]Article title

The next step is to give the article we're creating a name. Using the IOC Australian Checklist, find the common name and scientific name and use them both as the article's title, placing the scientific name in brackets; Southern Scrub-robin (Drymodes brunneopygia). Then click the Start Editing button.


You will now be in the editor for your newly-created article. However, to create articles that adhere to a common structure throughout FeatherWiki, we employ the use of templates. These are special codes that will pre-fill a large amount of text and formatting for an article so it does not need to be entered manually every time a new article is created.

[top]Using templates

To use a template a contributor needs to simply copy and paste the template code into a new article and fill in the blanks where they want their text to appear. Copy and paste the following template into your article to create the layout used in the Australian Bird Guide.

[template]Bird Guide Template
|Common Name=
|Scientific Name=
|Distribution and habitat=
|Where to find=

Then fill in the template with the text you want to add to the article.

[template]Bird Guide Template
|Common Name=Southern Scrub-robin
|Species=D. brunneopygia
|Scientific Name=Drymodes brunneopygia
|Intro=The [B]Southern Scrub-robin[/B] ([I]Drymodes brunneopygia[/I]) is a medium-sized, ground-dwelling bird native to Australia.
|Description=Their dull brown and grey tones blend remarkably well into the leaf litter, where they are difficult to locate.
|Behaviour=A generally shy, skulking species, they can be surprisingly inquisitive and will sometimes sneak in close to a quiet observer. If disturbed they scurry away, rather than take flight, though rarely moving far. Their diet consists primarily of insects which they catch by foraging amongst the leaf litter, occasionally leaping into the air to catch insects on the wing.
|Distribution and habitat=Mallee woodlands and other semi-arid woodlands particularly with areas of Broombush ([I]Melaleuca uncinata[/I]) or scrub-like heath. Unfortunately, habitat loss and fragmentation due to clearing has seen a decline in both range and abundance of this species in some localities.
|Breeding=During the breeding season (Jul-Jan) males will call frequently from a perch above the ground. The nest which is often located at the base of a shrub or log, is a shallow, cup-shaped depression scraped into the leaf litter and lined with fine twigs. Only a single egg is laid per clutch.
|Where to find=[location=Brookfield Conservation Park]Brookfield Conservation Park (SA)[/location] , [location=Monarto Conservation Park]Monarto Conservation Park (SA)[/location]
|Tips=Try just sitting down quietly one you've located one, they will sometimes try to sneak up on you for a peek.
|image1=[images]southern_scrub-robin_brookfieldCP.jpg|thumb|none|Brookfield Conservation Park, South Australia[/images]
|image2=[images]mallee-woodland-brookfield.jpg|thumb|left|Mallee woodland habitat[/images]

The completed template above is exactly what's used to create the article on the Southern Scrub-robin.

[top]Using images in the Australian Bird Guide

We use specific codes for placing images within various areas of the Australian Bird Guide. This is to ensure every article adheres to a standard format and look. Instead of using the normal attachment system we use the images namespace. Details on uploading images to FeatherWiki can be read HERE.

To place an image in the naming/classification box on the right hand side of the article, after the |Photo= field we use the following code for placing an image 220 pixels wide. Ideally the image should be in landscape format.


as in the example...


Other images used in articles can be placed after the |image field in the template and should adhere to the following format.


We need to just enter the image name and replace caption with some text we want to appear beneath the image thumbnail.

[images]southern_scrub-robin_brookfieldCP.jpg|thumb|none|Brookfield Conservation Park, South Australia[/images]

[top]Testing and Further Reading

You can experiment using any of the templates and features of FeatherWiki by creating new articles in the Sandpit. This is a special section of FeatherWiki specifically for members to learn how to use the software and its features before creating or editing articles in the main areas of FeatherWiki.

The online manual of the wiki software we use, VaultWiki, is available HERE.
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