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Google Maps can now be embedded into FeatherWiki articles and forum posts. Google Maps are ideally used in the Location Guide but can also be used in any posts on the forum such as the Trip Reports and Essays or the Interesting Behaviour, Locations and Sightings sections of the forum.

The maps are fully interactive so you can drag them around, zoom in and out or turn on or off map, satellite or terrain views. To insert a map into a thread, click the MAP button on the editor interface (not in quick reply).

This will insert the [map][/map] code into your post. Then just enter an address or location in the middle of the code.

For example, to get the following map, I used this code... [map]Mulga Street, Seacombe Heights, South Australia[/map]

If you want a map for a location that doesn't have an address, the easiest method is to open Google Maps, drag the map to the location and zoom level you wish to display, choose what options you want on, like Satellite, Terrain or Map view. Then click the link button and copy and paste everything after the part of the link. Now paste it between the [map][/map] tags.

If the full link is:,140.107613&spn=0.118699,0.259037&t=h&z=1 3&vpsrc=6

Your code should look like: [map]hl=en&ll=-34.095032,140.107613&spn=0.118699,0.259037&t=h&z=1 3&vpsrc=6[/map]

Then your map will appear like so!

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