Southern Scrub-robin Drymodes brunneopygia

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Southern Scrub-robin
Scientific Classification
Species:D. brunneopygia
Binomial name
Drymodes brunneopygia

The Southern Scrub-robin (Drymodes brunneopygia) is a medium-sized, ground-dwelling bird native to Australia.


Their dull brown and grey tones blend remarkably well into the leaf litter, where they are difficult to locate.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

A generally shy, skulking species, they can be surprisingly inquisitive and will sometimes sneak in close to a quiet observer. If disturbed they scurry away, rather than take flight, though rarely moving far. Their diet consists primarily of insects which they catch by foraging amongst the leaf litter, occasionally leaping into the air to catch insects on the wing.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Mallee woodlands and other semi-arid woodlands particularly with areas of Broombush (Melaleuca uncinata) or scrub-like heath. Unfortunately, habitat loss and fragmentation due to clearing has seen a decline in both range and abundance of this species in some localities.


During the breeding season (Jul-Jan) males will call frequently from a perch above the ground. The nest which is often located at the base of a shrub or log, is a shallow, cup-shaped depression scraped into the leaf litter and lined with fine twigs. Only a single egg is laid per clutch.


[top]Where to find

Brookfield Conservation Park (SA) , Monarto Conservation Park (SA)

[top]Photographic Tips

Try just sitting down quietly once you've located one, they can be curious birds and will often sneak up close to you for a look.


Brookfield Conservation Park, South AustraliaBrookfield Conservation Park, South Australia
Monarto Conservation Park, South AustraliaMonarto Conservation Park, South Australia
Mallee woodland habitatMallee woodland habitat
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