Redthroat Pyrrholaemus brunneus

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Scientific Classification
Species:P. brunneus
Binomial name
Pyrrholaemus brunneus

The Redthroat is a small bird of mallee and arid zone habitats with a varied song.


A grey-brown bird all over with a pale eyebrow and lores. The back is an olive brown while they are pale grey below. Male birds have a red-orange throat patch leading down from the chin.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

Redthroats will often sing from a prominent perch in the open.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Found in all states (except Tasmania) where there is suitable habitat which includes, mallee, bluebush, saltbush and triodia.



A rich varied song, the Redthroat also mimics other birds.
Song, recorded at Brookfield Conservation Park, SA: Redthroat song.mp3

[top]Where to find

Brookfield Conservation Park, SA.

[top]Photographic Tips


A male Redthroat at Red Banks Conservation Park, South AustraliaA male Redthroat at Red Banks Conservation Park, South Australia
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