Red-rumped Parrot Psephotus haematonotus

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Red-rumped Parrot
Scientific Classification
Species:P. haematonotus
Binomial name
Psephotus haematonotus


This small, delightful parrot is around 26cm in length. The males are mainly a vivid light green in colour with a bright red rump, yellow belly and white undertail. It also has a yellow patch on the wing coverts and light turquoise wash on the face and wing. The female is mostly dull olive and shares the white undertail of the male.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

These parrots are usually found in pairs or flocks and specialise in feeding on the ground, spending hours at a time working over the soil and vegetation for food. They are relatively approachable but also perch on low fences or trees when flushed.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Occurs throughout mainland south-eastern Australia, ranging from southern Qld and eastern SA to the Vic and NSW coasts, although mostly inland. Favours open grassy woodland and farmland, usually not far from water. Also found in parks and gardens.


Breeds from around September to December.


High pitched, sweet clinking contact call and sometimes short, melodic whistles.
Song and "sweet" calls from Altona CSR Landcare Reserve, SA: Red-rumped Parrot Calls.mp3
Chattering calls from Sandy Creek Conservation Park, SA: Red-rumped Parrot Chatter Calls.mp3 (Background species: Striated Pardalote)

[top]Where to find

[top]Photographic Tips


Nesting in a hollow cross member of a telegraph pole.Nesting in a hollow cross member of a telegraph pole.
Feeding by ripping up grass shootsFeeding by ripping up grass shoots
Female Red-rumped ParrotFemale Red-rumped Parrot
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