Red-capped Robin Petroica goodenovii

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Red-capped Robin
Scientific Classification
Species:P. goodenovii
Binomial name
Petroica goodenovii

A stunning little bird, Red-capped Robin are the smallest and brightest coloured of Australia's red robins.


The male Red-capped Robin has a black head, throat and back with white belly and underparts and white wing bars. The chest and cap are a rich, crimson red.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

Often observed feeding where they will sit motionless before darting to the ground for insects before either returning to the same perch or another nearby before trying their luck again. Once on the ground they regularly flick their wings and tails out quickly in an attempt to flush insects.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Most often found in drier habitats across much of Australia. Woodlands, mallee and mulga.



[top]Where to find

Brookfield Conservation Park (SA)

[top]Photographic Tips

One of the easier robins to approach. Can be called in readily by pishing. Observe them as they often return to a favoured perch when feeding.


Male Red-capped RobinMale Red-capped Robin
Female Red-capped RobinFemale Red-capped Robin
Juvenile Red-capped RobinJuvenile Red-capped Robin
Mallee woodland habitatMallee woodland habitat
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