Northern Scrub-Robin Drymodes superciliaris

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Northern Scrub-Robin
Scientific Classification
Species:D. superciliaris
Binomial name
Drymodes superciliaris

The Northern Scrub-Robin (Drymodes superciliaris) is a medium-sized, ground-dwelling to low height bird native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and Aru Island. An isolated population was once thought to have occurred in the Roper River region of the Northern Territory, but this has so far been disproved.


A light brown to buff coloured bird with boldly patterned black and white wings, rufous tail/rump and a defined black mark that crosses the eye vertically. A shy and lucrative species that favours gallery rainforest in suitable pockets along the east to north coast of the Cape York peninsula.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

Docile yet inquisitive to a point. Very difficult to find unless calling.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Restricted to Cape York peninsula in far north Queensland. It spends it's life down low in tropical gallery rainforest and vine thickets rarely above 3m.


October - February.


Long, high-pitched whistle and harsh scolding calls. Will call for an extended amount of time and responds well to playback.

[top]Where to find

Suitable habitat north of Archer River to Cape York. Best sites include Iron Range NP and Jardine Rivers NP.

[top]Photographic Tips

Listen for call and track down, otherwise spend time in suitable habitat waiting and watching for movement low down. Try playback or imitation.


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