Little Wattlebird Anthochaera chrysoptera

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Little Wattlebird
Scientific Classification
Species:A. chrysoptera
Binomial name
Anthochaera chrysoptera

The Little Wattlebird is a large honeyeater of south-eastern Australia.


Grey-brown bird, paler underneath with fine white streaks all over. Wings have a red patch in flight and the tail is tipped white.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

Will drive away other honeyeater species.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Common in suburban parks and gardens, the Little Wattlebird is also found in woodland and heath, with a preference for Banksia sp.



A loud series of harsh notes.
Calls from Williamstown, SA. Little Wattlebird Call and Song.mp3

[top]Where to find

[top]Photographic Tips


Little Wattlebird, Williamstown, SA.Little Wattlebird, Williamstown, SA.
Little Wattlebird, Mount Lofty, SA.Little Wattlebird, Mount Lofty, SA.
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