Grey Fantail Rhipidura albiscapa

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Grey Fantail
Scientific Classification
Species:R. albiscapa
Binomial name
Rhipidura albiscapa

The Grey Fantail, Rhipidura albiscapa, is a small, common bird with active habits of many habitats across Australia.


Grey Fantails range from black to grey above and from white to rich buff below with white margins on the tip of the tail feathers, a white chin and throat and a dark band across the breast. Juvenile birds have brown or rufous colouration with dark wings.

[top]Behavioural characteristics

These birds are very active, and move quickly between perches, swinging their tails side to side and fanning them out as they do so. They can be found hawking insects from prominent perches and frequently call from open perches and cover.

[top]Distribution and habitat

Grey Fantails can be found in most habitats across the mainland and Tasmania including suburban gardens, mangroves, woodland and arid areas.



The Grey Fantail has a melodic high-pitched song along with a variety of chattering calls.
Calls from Hale Conservation Park, SA. Grey Fantail Call.mp3
Song, Anstey's Hill Recreation Park, SA. Grey Fantail Song.mp3

[top]Where to find

Para Wirra Recreation Park, SA. Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, SA. Hale Conservation Park, SA. Altona CSR Landcare Reserve, SA.

[top]Photographic Tips

These birds are curious and can be brought in by pishing and will often respond to call imitation. Grey Fantails are curious and will often approach quite closely if left to do so themselves.


Grey Fantail singing, Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, SAGrey Fantail singing, Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, SA
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