[top]How to post a video from YouTube

Using the YouTube button available in the editor will allow you to embed YouTube videos into posts in the video section.

To use it, simply click the button and enter the ID of the YouTube video between the [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags that appear.

For example:

If the YouTube URL is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anulc_txptA

Your BBCode in your post would appear:


The result would be your video embedded like the following...

[top]How to post a video from Vimeo

Using the Vimeo button in the editor will allow you to embed videos from Vimeo into posts.

To use it, click the button in the editor which will insert the [vimeo][/vimeo] tags into your post.

Then enter the code for your Vimeo video between those tags. For instance if your Vimeo address is http://vimeo.com/27554057 simply enter the number ID section at the end of the URL between the vimeo tags.

[vimeo]27554057[/vimeo] Is how it should appear in your post, then once you've posted to the forum your video will appear.