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    I would just like to say thanks and give appreciation to forum hosts, and the members who are working hard behind the scene to make this site . I also would like to say thanks and well done to the many old and new members we have who are posting some " might fine work " It is truely inspiring. Australia has so much to offer in birds and birding captures
    and this site is the place to post and is growing fast. how do you feel??
    regards Rick
    Through the lens behold the glory of creation
    So much to see, So little time to behold
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    Really excited about the upcoming forum upgrade. Its going to be a massive improvement and it doesn't stop there either. Keep your eyes open for all sorts of new features in the near future

    Oh, and keep up the good work members. Plenty of new members on here and its always great to see them welcomed so warmly from everyone.

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