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Thread: Posting Time?

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    Default Posting Time?

    This question may have been asked before and we've missed it. We posted the allowable two images
    in the Australian Bird Images Forum on Friday 22nd April. We are early risers & posted an image on
    Saturday 23rd April at 7.30am. The time indicator next to our newly posted image showed that it had been
    posted on Friday 22nd April. This gave the appearance that we had done three posts on the one day.
    This has occurred several times before. This isn't a complaint, just a friendly question.
    Basically we are enquiring about the time setting on the Forum?
    Regards Keith & Judy

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    Default Re: Posting Time?

    I've noticed the time things as well, but it only happens when I'm logged out.
    In the top right corner, just below your "logout [username]" option (and bottom right corner), it will say "All times are ..."

    When I am logged in, it says "All times are UTC + 10hours". This setting shows the correct post time beside each post.
    When I am logged out, it says "All times are UTC". This setting is ten hours behind our current (this is all Eastern Australian times btw) time.

    So looking at your shots for the last couple of days; when I am logged in, you've posted 2 today, 2 yesterday; when I am logged out, you've posted 1 today, 3 yesterday.

    So long story short, this only effects me (hence I'd assume you?) when logged out, and I wouldn't worry about it

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