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Thread: Photographic Library (wiki) with birding resources

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    Yes, with details

    Default Photographic Library (wiki) with birding resources


    Some of you know me from AP.
    We don't normally do cross site promotions. If the mods don't feel this is appropriate please dump it.

    We have created a library (wiki) on AP for all the AP reference materials.
    It has a New to Photography 'book' and many tutorials.

    Find birding specific resources here: (no join required) ... ific_Index
    (Some great items from Richard Hall)

    If you're a regular on AP please feel free to edit/contribute.

    The AP Library will remain a free public resource, although editing rights are limited.
    Regards, Kym
    Honest & Direct CC Appreciated! K-5, K-7, K20D, Glass bits up to 500mm, other stuff

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    Please ask

    Default Re: Photographic Library (wiki) with birding resources

    Good idea

    Although it'd be great to add a location wiki as well - best places to shoot, and species you'd have a 80% chance of seeing etc.

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