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Thread: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

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    Default 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    Firstly - thanks to all who participated in the 2010 Birding Oz Phototwitch!

    This thread has been created for all participants to post their species lists from the event if you haven't already forwarded them to me. Using the list you provide we'll also been awarding a 'rarest' bird of PhotoTwitch 2010. If you have one that stands out in particular from your list, feel free to nominate that as your rarest bird.

    Here's a quick recap of the preliminary results so far...

    90 - Pictorella
    88 - Rob89 (updated)
    80 - Ashy Drongo
    71 - Heyn (updated)
    67 - Arron
    66 - wingsonwire
    65 - Joshua
    57 - Richard Hall
    53 - feral1
    52 - Lucky
    43 - Jennywren
    41 - Harlz (updated)
    37 - Colonel Boris

    A few notable mentions in there to Josh who only travelled 10km, and Colonel Boris and Jennywren who only used public transport and had small children with them!! Massive effort i reckon!

    There will be another thread for people to put forward their 3 best images for judging the 2010 Best Phototwitch Image!

    Thanks again everyone!
    Cheers, Dave WORKSHOPS - Lord Howe Island - 29th November - 6th December 2017.

    Aus Life List IOC= 680 - Lord Howe Woodhen
    "So God created every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:21

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Preliminary RESULTS

    I've since found one more so my count is now 41 not that it makes much difference. This was my full list and location:

    Rainbow Lorikeet
    Crested Pigeon
    Noisy Miner
    Common Myna*
    Rock Dove*
    Australian Magpie
    Magpie Lark
    Little Corella

    Rockdale Bicentennial Park
    Purple Swamp-hen
    Dusky Moorhen
    White Ibis
    Pacific Black Duck
    Chestnut Teal
    Domestic Duck*
    Australasian Darter
    Little Black Cormorant
    Little Pied Cormorant
    Australasian Figbird
    House Sparrow*
    Spotted Turtle Dove*
    Common Starling*
    Red-whiskered Bulbul*
    Black-shouldered Kite
    Red Wattlebird
    Australian Raven
    Pied Currawong
    Willie Wagtail

    Ramsgate Beach
    Crested Tern
    Common Tern
    Silver Gull

    Thirlmere Lakes NP
    Brown Thornbill
    Grey Strike-thrush
    Eastern Yellow Robin

    Cataract Dam
    Masked Lapwing
    Sulpher-crested Cockatoo
    Eastern Spinebill
    Superb Fairy-wren
    White-browed Scrubwren
    Satin Bowerbird
    King Parrot

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    Thanks to all who helped organise and to those who participated in PhotoTwitch 2010.

    I teamed up with a fellow BirdingOz member Peter (feral1) and we spent 8 hours on Saturday the 4th December visiting a few locations east of Adelaide.

    First up we hit Laratinga Wetlands near Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills at 8:20am, before heading to Monarto Woodlands, Rocky Gully Lagoon (near Murray Bridge) and Monarto Conservation Park, where we only managed to step foot out of the car before being hit by a thunderstorm. We finished the event driving into Strathalbyn where we got a Black Kite cruising over town as our last bird at 3:45pm.

    I captured 57 species on the day. I dipped on quite a few I expected (mainly due to that thunderstorm!) but I'm pleased overall with my result. Here's my species list for PhotoTwitch 2010.

    1. Australasian Grebe
    2. Australasian Pipit
    3. Australasian Reed-Warbler
    4. Australasian Shoveler
    5. Australian Pelican
    6. Australian Raven
    7. Australian Wood Duck
    8. Black Kite
    9. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
    10. Black-fronted Dotterel
    11. Black-winged Stilt
    12. Blue-billed Duck
    13. Brown Treecreeper
    14. Chestnut Teal
    15. Brown Goshawk
    16. Common Blackbird
    17. Common Bronzewing
    18. Common Starling
    19. Crested Pigeon
    20. Crimson Rosella
    21. Eurasian Coot
    22. Galah
    23. Grey Shrike-thrush
    24. Grey Teal
    25. Hardhead
    26. Hoary-headed Grebe
    27. Horsfield's Bushlark
    28. House Sparrow
    29. Little Corella
    30. Little Pied Cormorant
    31. Little Wattlebird
    32. Magpie
    33. Magpie-lark
    34. Masked Lapwing
    35. Moorhen
    36. Musk Lorikeet
    37. Nankeen Kestrel
    38. New Holland Honeyeater
    39. Pacific Black Duck
    40. Purple Swamphen
    41. Purple-crowned Lorikeet
    42. Rainbow Bee-eater
    43. Red Wattlebird
    44. Rock Dove
    45. Silver Gull
    46. Singing Honeyeater
    47. Southern Whiteface
    48. Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
    49. Spotted Dove
    50. Superb Fairy-wren
    51. Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
    52. Tree Martin
    53. Weebill
    54. White-browed Babbler
    55. White-faced Heron
    56. White-plumed Honeyeater
    57. Yellow-rumped Thornbill

    I'd like to nominate the Blue-billed Duck - Oxyura australis as my rarest bird captured.

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    I already sent this to David, but I'll post anyway

    Australian Brush-turkey
    Australian Wood Duck
    Chestnut Teal
    Pacific Black Duck
    Crested Pigeon
    Australasian Darter
    Little Pied Cormorant
    Great Cormorant
    Little Black Cormorant
    Pied Cormorant
    Australian Pelican
    White-faced Heron
    Australian White Ibis
    Brown Goshawk
    Purple Swamphen
    Dusky Moorhen
    Sooty Oystercatcher
    Pacific Golden Plover
    Masked Lapwing
    Grey-tailed Tattler
    Ruddy Turnstone
    Red-necked Stint
    Crested Tern
    Silver Gull
    Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    Rainbow Lorikeet
    Eastern Koel
    Channel-billed Cuckoo
    Laughing Kookaburra
    Superb Fairy-wren
    Variegated Fairy-wren
    White-browed Scrubwren
    Brown Gerygone
    Yellow Thornbill
    Brown Thornbill
    Spotted Pardalote
    Eastern Spinebill
    Lewin's Honeyeater
    Noisy Miner
    Little Wattlebird
    Red Wattlebird
    White-cheeked Honeyeater
    Eastern Whipbird
    Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
    Golden Whistler
    Australasian Figbird
    Olive-backed Oriole
    Grey Butcherbird
    Australian Magpie
    Pied Currawong
    Rufous Fantail
    Grey Fantail
    Willie Wagtail
    Australian Raven
    Eastern Yellow Robin
    Welcome Swallow
    Red-browed Finch
    Spotted Dove
    Red-whiskered Bulbul
    Common Starling
    Common Myna
    Northern Mallard

    Total - 65 species
    Rarest Bird - Figbird (not that rare, but hey, there's nothing else )
    Biggest Dip - Rock Dove (if this is an award too... )
    Distance Travelled - 10km
    Life List: 1438 (Black-backed Bittern)
    Aus List: 565 (Ditto)
    Our shared Blog - (Max and I)

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    My total was actually 71 species (only realised when I was sending the photos; the list jumps from 14-16, math/counting never was my strong point; I'm too lazy to change the numbers.

    1. Magpie Goose
    2. Plumed Whistling-Duck
    3. Black Swan
    4. Australian Wood Duck
    5. Pacific Black Duck
    6. Australasian Shoveler
    7. Grey Teal
    8. Chestnut Teal
    9. Hardhead
    10. Australasian Grebe
    11. Great Crested Grebe
    12. Little Pied Cormorant
    13. Little Black Cormorant
    14. Australian Pelican
    16. White-faced Heron
    17. Great Egret
    18. Intermediate Egret
    19. Cattle Egret
    20. Australian White Ibis
    21. Straw-necked Ibis
    22. Royal Spoonbill
    23. Black-necked Stork
    24. White-bellied Sea-Eagle
    25. Australian Hobby
    26. Nankeen Kestrel
    27. Purple Swamphen
    28. Dusky Moorhen
    29. Eurasian Coot
    30. Latham's Snipe
    31. Banded Lapwing
    32. Masked Lapwing
    33. Silver Gull
    34. Crested Tern
    35. Spotted Turtle-Dove
    36. Crested Pigeon
    37. Galah
    38. Little Corella
    39. Cockatiel
    40. Rainbow Lorikeet
    41. Laughing Kookaburra
    42. Sacred Kingfisher
    43. Mangrove Kingfisher
    44. Superb Fairy-wren
    45. Red-backed Fairy-wren
    46. Yellow-throated Scrubwren
    47. Large-billed Scrubwren
    48. Brown Gerygone
    49. Mangrove Gerygone
    50. Brown Thornbill
    51. Blue-faced Honeyeater
    52. Lewin's Honeyeater
    53. Brown Honeyeater
    54. Eastern Spinebill
    55. Eastern Yellow Robin
    56. Grey-crowned Babbler
    57. Eastern Whipbird
    58. Golden Whistler
    59. Grey Shrike-thrush
    60. Magpie-lark
    61. Rufous Fantail
    62. Grey Fantail
    63. Willie Wagtail
    64. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
    65. Pied Butcherbird
    66. Australian Magpie
    67. Australian Pipit
    68. Fairy Martin
    69. Tawny Grassbird
    70. Golden-headed Cisticola
    71. Silvereye
    72. Common Myna

    Biggest dip; Rock Dove or maybe the fact that I had no migratory waders
    Rarest bird; Cockatiel or Banded Lapwing --can't decide
    Aus list 632 (Powerful Owl, Callala Bay, NSW, 01-05-2014, finally thanks Matt!)
    Year list 159 (Powerful Owl, Callala Bay, NSW, 01-05-2014)

  6. Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    *moderators note: List posted on behalf of Jennywren*

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennywren

    I photographed 43 species in 8 hours (plus three other species that I'm not sure can be identifiable from the photos alone). I am in NSW and my twitch locations were Hornsby, Old Man's Valley (AKA Hornsby Quarry), and Bicentennial Park. I'm not too familiar with taxanomic order, but I followed the order of bird species in the Slater Field Guide to Australian birds - hope this is ok.

    1. Little Pied Cormorant
    2. Great Cormorant
    3. Pied Cormorant
    4. Silver Gull
    5. Masked Lapwing
    6. Black-Fronted Dotterel
    7. Black Swan
    8. Aus Wood Duck
    9. Pacific Black Duck
    10. Aus Grey Teal
    11. Chestnut Teal
    12. Domestic Duck
    13. Aus Pelican
    14. White Faced Heron
    15. Aus White Ibis
    16. Black Winged stilt
    17. Dusky Moorhen
    18. Purple Swamphen
    19. Aus Brush Turkey
    20. Spotted Turtle Dove
    21. Crested Pigeon
    22. Feral Pigeon
    23. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    24. Rainbow Lorikeet
    25. Eastern Koel
    26. Laughing Kookaburra
    27. Welcome Swallow
    28. Fairy Martin
    29. Superb Fairy-wren
    30. Yellow thornbill
    31. Lewins Honeyeater
    32. Noisy Miner
    33. Eastern Spinebill
    34. Red Wattlebird
    35. Pied Currawong
    36. Aus Magpie
    37. Aus Raven
    38. Magpie-lark
    39. Willy Wagtail
    40. Eastern Yellow Robin
    41. Silvereye
    42. Common myna
    43. Red-browed Finch

    (The 3 other species that I got bad photos of were Channel-billed Cuckoo, Brown Thornbill and darter)

    Thanks very much,
    Johanna - Jennywren

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    *moderators note: List posted on behalf of Ashy Drongo*

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashy Drongo
    Here is my list of birds which I was able to photograph. Some embarrassing birds missing from the list, due to an unfortunate combination of poor weather/light (Pied Currawong), the little P&S I was using not being fast enough (Reed Warbler), or the bird jut not showing (White Ibis)
    But I'm pretty happy with the 80 that I did manage to photograph well enough. Hopefully my definition of "well enough" is similar to your definition...

    Organised by taxonomic order, I also have a list in the order I took the photos, if you'd prefer that

    1. Black Swan Wader refuge, James Cook Drive
    2. Wood Duck Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    3. Chestnut Teal Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    4. Black Duck Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    5. Crested Pigeon Wader refuge, James Cook Drive
    6. Spotted Turtle Dove Castlereagh Nature Reserve
    7. Peaceful Dove Castlereagh Nature Reserve
    8. Feral Pigeon Pitt Town Lagoon
    9. Brown Cuckoo Dove Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    10. Common Bronzewing Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    11. Little Pied Cormorant Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    12. Great Cormorant Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    13. Little Black Cormorant Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    14. Pelican Nepean Weir, Penrith
    15. Great Egret Pitt Town Lagoon
    16. White-faced Heron Sports field in Penrith
    17. Eastern Reef Egret Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    18. Osprey Nepean Weir, Penrith
    19. Black-shouldered Kite Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond
    20. White-bellied Sea Eagle Nepean Weir, Penrith
    21. Grey Goshawk Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    22. Nankeen Kestrel Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    23. Brown Falcon Richmond Lowlands
    24. Purple Swamphen Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    25. Dusky Moorhen Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    26. Eurasian Coot Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond
    27. Sooty Oystercatcher Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    28. Pied Oystercatcher Wader refuge, James Cook Drive
    29. Pacific Golden Plover Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    30. Masked Lapwing Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond
    31. Ruddy Turnstone Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    32. Red-necked Stint Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    33. Crested Tern Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    34. Kelp Gull Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    35. Silver Gull Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    36. Galah Windsor
    37. Little Corella Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    38. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    39. Rainbow Lorikeet Nepean Weir, Penrith
    40. King Parrot Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    41. Eastern Rosella Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    42. Red-rumped Parrot Sports field in Penrith
    43. Fan-tailed Cuckoo Nepean Weir, Penrith
    44. Azure Kingfisher Nepean Weir, Penrith
    45. Laughing Kookaburra Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    46. Sacred Kingfisher Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    47. Rainbow Bee-eater Richmond Lowlands
    48. Superb Fairy Wren Nepean Weir, Penrith
    49. Variegated Fairy Wren Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    50. Yellow-throated Scrubwren Lady Carrington Drive (south), Royal NP
    51. White-browed Scrubwren Nepean Weir, Penrith
    52. Yellow-rumped Thornbill Richmond Lowlands
    53. Eastern Spinebill Mitchell Park, Cattai NP
    54. Bell Miner Nepean Weir, Penrith
    55. Noisy Miner Cattai Rd
    56. Little Wattlebird Wattamolla, Royal NP
    57. Red Wattlebird Heathcote
    58. Tawny-crowned Honeyeater Wattamolla, Royal NP
    59. New Holland Honeyeater Wattamolla, Royal NP
    60. Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike Richmond Lowlands
    61. Magpie Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    62. Rufous Fantail Lady Carrington Drive (south), Royal NP
    63. Willie Wagtail Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    64. Australian Raven Wattamolla, Royal NP
    65. Black-faced Monarch Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    66. Magpie Lark Wader refuge, James Cook Drive
    67. Eastern Yellow Robin Wattle Flat, Royal NP
    68. Golden-headed Cisticola Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    69. Welcome Swallow Richmond Lowlands
    70. Fairy Martin Windsor
    71. Red-whiskered Bulbul Nepean Weir, Penrith
    72. Blackbird Richmond Lowlands
    73. Starling Nepean Weir, Penrith
    74. Indian Myna Nepean Weir, Penrith
    75. Mistletoebird Nepean Weir, Penrith
    76. Red-browed Firetail Sports field in Penrith
    77. Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Pitt Town Lagoon
    78. House Sparrow Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond
    79. Australian Pipit Boat Harbour, Kurnell
    80. European Goldfinch Nepean Weir, Penrith

    Rarest bird: Osprey (50km is quite a long way inland for such a coastal bird)
    Biggest dip: Either Pied Currawong (seen but not clicked), or White Ibis (outright dip)
    Familiarity breeds contempt; don't neglect the common birds
    ---\\_(j*)>.........Aus Life List: 534 (Northern Royal Albatross - 6/9/14)
    ----\___)................NSW List: 428 (Northern Royal Albatross - 6/9/14)
    ------\ \..............o..2014 List: 348 (Southern Giant Petrel - 6/9/14)

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    *moderators note: List posted on behalf of pictorella*

    Quote Originally Posted by pictorella
    I ended up with 90 species.

    Heres my list:

    1. White-necked Heron
    2. Little Black Cormorant
    3. Magpie
    4. Galah
    5. Magpie Lark
    6. Willie Wagtail
    7. Starling
    8. Myna
    9. Moorhen
    10. White-throated Needletail
    11. Welcome Swallow
    12. Crested Pigeon
    13. Pied Butcherbrid
    14. Dollarbird
    15. Kestrel
    16. Golden-headed Cisticola
    17. Aust. Raven
    18. Wood Duck
    19. Mistletoebird
    20. Superb Fairy-wren
    21. Yellow-faced Honeyeater
    22. Striped Honeyeater
    23. Striated Pardalote
    24. Eastern Rosella
    25. Pacific Black Duck
    26. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    27. Pipit
    28. Grey-crowned Babbler
    29. Noisy Friarbird
    30. Yellow-rumped Thornbill
    31. White-plumed Honeyeater
    32. Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
    33. Red-rumped Parrot
    34. Aust. Grebe
    35. Sacred Kingfisher
    36. Masked Lapwing
    37. House Sparrow
    38. Yellow Thornbill
    39. Zebra Finch
    40. Speckled Warbler
    41. Double-barred Ffinch
    42. Silvereye
    43. Weebill
    44. Rufous Whistler
    45. Brown-headed Honeyeater
    46. Brown Goshawk
    47. Rainbow Bee-eater
    48. Jacky Winter
    49. Grey Shrike-thrush
    50. Purple Swamphen
    51. Satin Bowerbird
    52. Olive-backed Oriole
    53. Fan-tailed Cuckoo
    54. Noisy Miner
    55. Grey Teal
    56. White-throated Gerygone
    57. Tawny Frogmouth
    58. Aust. Pelican
    59. Black Swan
    60. Great Cormorant
    61. Blackbird
    62. Spotted Dove
    63. Great-crested Grebe
    64. Red Wattlebird
    65. Rainbow Lorikeet
    66. Scarlet Honeyeater
    67. Brown Thornbill
    68. White-browed Scrubwren
    69. Chestnut Teal
    70. Coot
    71. Reed Warbler
    72. Figbird
    73. Cattle Egret
    74. White-faced Heron
    75. Silver Gull
    76. Little Egret
    77. Red-capped Plover
    78. Crested Tern
    79. Caspian Tern
    80. Eastern Curlew
    81. Mangrove Gerygone
    82. Royal Spoonbill
    83. Whimbrel
    84. Brown Honeyeater
    85. Feral Pigeon
    86. Intermediate Egret
    87. Great Egret
    88. Whistling Kite
    89. Brown Falcon
    90. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    Here is my list of the Twitch 2010. I as you know went to a few usually excellent areas, but due to thunderstorms and excesive heat in some areas only us 2 idiots (Rich) were out in it.
    Looks like all had a good time and great counts.

    1. Australasian Grebe
    2. Australasian Shoveler
    3. Australian Magpie
    4. Australian Pelican
    5. Australian Pipit
    6. Australian Raven
    7. Australian Reed-Warbler
    8. Australian Wood Duck
    9. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
    10. Black-fronted Dotterel
    11. Black-winged Stilt
    12. Blue-billed Duck
    13. Brown Songlark
    14. Brown Treecreeper
    15. Chestnut Teal
    16. Common Bronzewing
    17. Common Starling
    18. Crested Pigeon
    19. Crimson Rosella
    20. Dusky Moorhen
    21. Eurasian Coot
    22. Galah
    23. Grey Shrike-thrush
    24. Grey Teal
    25. Hardhead
    26. Hoary-headed Grebe
    27. Horsfield's Bushlark
    28. Little Black Cormorant
    29. Little Grassbird
    30. Little Wattlebird
    31. Magpie-lark
    32. Masked Lapwing
    33. Musk Lorikeet
    34. Nankeen Kestrel
    35. New Holland Honeyeater
    36. Pacific Black Duck
    37. Pied Cormorant
    38. Purple Swamphen
    39. Purple-crowned Lorikeet
    40. Rainbow Bee-eater
    41. Red Wattlebird
    42. Rock Dove
    43. Silver Gull
    44. Singing Honeyeater
    45. Southern Whiteface
    46. Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
    47. Spotted Dove
    48. Superb Fairy-wren
    49. Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
    50. Tree Martin
    51. Weebill
    52. White-browed Babbler
    53. White-faced Heron
    54. White-plumed Honeyeater

    Rarest species for me would be the Blue-billed Duck.

    Canon 400d twin lens kit & Canon 60d with grip 580 EX II & 430 EX II Flash
    Cokin filters NDG 2,4 & 8 ND 8. + CPL
    Canon 400
    L , 17 - 40 L, 60mm Macro , Canon 24-70 f2.8L.

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    Heres my list.
    Most notable species is probably the wedge tailed eagles at Cattai NR.
    Biggest dip - no waders anywhere.
    Best locality - about 40 species were photographed along Pitt Town Bottoms Road

    Australian Wood (Maned) Duck
    Black Swan
    Pacific Black Duck
    Chestnut Teal
    Grey Teal
    Australasian Grebe
    Great Cormorant
    Little Black Cormorant
    Little Pied Cormorant
    Australian Pelican
    White-faced Heron
    Australian White Ibis (Sacred Ibis)
    Pacific Baza
    Wedge-tailed Eagle
    Swamp Harrier
    Nankeen (Australian) Kestrel
    Dusky Moorhen
    Eurasian Coot
    Purple Swamphen
    Black-winged Stilt
    Masked Lapwing
    Silver Gull
    Rock Dove
    Spotted Turtle-Dove *
    Crested pigeon
    Common Bronzewing
    Little Corella
    Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
    Rainbow Lorikeet
    Red-rumped Parrot
    Common Koel
    Laughing Kookaburra
    Sacred Kingfisher
    Rainbow Bee-eater
    Superb Fairy-wren
    Red Wattlebird
    Noisy Friarbird
    Bell Miner
    Noisy Miner
    Lewin's Honeyeater
    Eastern Spinebill
    Scarlet Honeyeater
    Eastern Yellow Robin
    Red-whiskered Bulbul *
    Golden Whistler
    Rufous Whistler
    Willie Wagtail
    Grey Fantail
    Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
    Australian Magpie
    Magpie Lark
    Pied Currawong
    Australian Raven
    Regent Bowerbird
    Red-browed Finch (Firetail)
    House Sparrow *
    Welcome Swallow
    Fairy Martin
    Clamorous Reed-Warbler
    Golden-headed Cisticola
    Silvereye (Grey-backed)
    Common Blackbird *
    Common Myna *
    Common Starling *

    Arron : botany, wildlife, fishing, check it out

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    Heres mine. 66 species Locations visited were Little River, Williamstown, Altona, Werribee South, Point Cook, Newport and of course the Werribee Treatment Plant.
    Biggest dip would have been Sulphur crested Cockatoo (was one in my yard 5 mins before I started :x ) and rarest bird (for me at least ) would be Common Sandpiper.

    Black Swan
    Musk Duck
    Aust. Wood Duck
    Chestnut Teal
    Aust. Shelduck
    Pacific Black Duck
    Aust. Grebe
    Great Cormorant
    Little Black Cormorant
    Little Pied Cormorant
    Pied Cormorant
    Aust. Pelican
    White faced Heron
    Royal Spoonbill
    Aust. White Ibis
    Whistling Kite
    Wedge tailed Eagle
    White bellied Sea Eagle
    Black shouldered kite
    Brown Falcon
    Purple Swamphen
    Eurasian Coot
    Bar tailed Godwit
    Red necked Stint
    Common Sandpiper
    Black winged Stilt
    Black fronted Dotteral
    Masked Lapwing
    Pacific Gull
    Silver Gull
    Crested Tern
    Common Tern
    Crested Pigeon
    Spotted Turtle Dove
    Feral Pigeon
    Long billed Corella
    Little Corella
    Rainbow Lorikeet
    Red rumped Parrot
    Superb Fairy Wren
    White browed Scrubwren
    Yellow rumped Thornbill
    Red Wattlebird
    Little Wattlebird
    White plumed Honeyeater
    New Holland Honeyeater
    White fronted Chat
    Willie Wagtail
    Grey Fantail
    Magpie Lark
    Aust. Magpie
    Little Raven
    Aust. Pipit
    Zebra Finch
    Red browed Finch
    Tree Sparrow
    House Sparrow
    Common Myna

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    Default Re: 2010 Phototwitch Species Lists

    I had a go at the phototwitch on Dec 4th, but wasn't very successful. Travelling by public transport, my plan was to start at Jawbone Reserve Williamstown, then walk along the Kororoit Creek and Altona foreshore, taking in some of the wetlands. Unfortunately, due to recent rains, a ford across the Kororoit Creek was underwater (some poor guy had stalled his car trying to cross it) and unable to find another way around, I had to head back the way I came. Half the day gone, I decided to head to the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, as one can usually find all the common birds there. However, may be due to the heat and crowds in the park, birds were elusive. My total was a disappointing 38, none of them terribly good. Still, an interesting experience, some lessons learned. Definitely worth having another go next year. :roll:

    Little Pied Cormorant, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Little Black Cormorant, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Pied Cormorants, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Australian Pelican, Kororoit Creek, Williamstown
    Nankeen Night Heron, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Royal Spoonbill, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Australian White Ibis, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Straw Necked Ibis, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Black Swan, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Hardhead, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Pacific Black Duck, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Chestnut Teal, Kororoit Creek, Williamstown
    Blue Billed Duck, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Eurasian Coot, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Dusky Moorhen, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Purple Swamphen, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Masked Lapwing, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Black Winged Stilt, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Pacific Gull, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Silver Gull, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Crested Pigeon, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Spotted Dove, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Rock Dove, Kororoit Creek, Williamstown
    Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Welcome Swallows, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Grey Fantail, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Willy Wagtail, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Superb Fairy Wren, Kororoit Creek, Williamstown
    White Browed Scrubwren, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Yellow Rumped Thornbill, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Silvereye, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Greenfinch, Kororoit Creek, Williamstown
    House Sparrow, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Common Starling, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown
    Common Myna, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Magpie Lark, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Pied Cormorant, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
    Little Ravens, Jawbone Reserve, Williamstown

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