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Thread: High AUD - perfect time to buy!

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    Default High AUD - perfect time to buy!

    I have been gritting my teeth trying to come up with some funds to purchase some gear (lens, TC, Flash unit) because with the high AUD the prices are fantastic. Been buying my stuff from DWI (I have no afiliations with them) and the prices, already very competitive, have come down again!

    So if your in the market to buy, your buying at the best time (although its estimated the AUD will rise further).
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    Default Re: High AUD - perfect time to buy!

    Indeed it is, UI've bought a couple of things over the recent weeks since the dollar is trading so well.. I've found some very good deals from Ebay for brand new items shipping out of Hong Kong, with free shipping, that were even cheper than DWI. Happy camper.

    Now all I need is my 50-200 SWD back from Olympus repair and I'll be super happy!

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