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    Please ask

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    I had taken a group of southerners out to Rocky Pool east of Carnarvon where a number of them expected to be able to find Black-tailed Treecreeper. A good array of species was seen but no Treecreepers and I have never seen any there though they are said to have been recorded. I later took this group a bit further east to an area I have never failed to find them, and find them we did, breeding. On returning to our vehicles one lady suggested she had seen a bird that 'wasn't on the list" and nesting, it was said to be a spotted Harrier. Views were not good amongst the foliage but there did appear to be some red around the head but not at all harrier like to my eyes. A number of people had gathered trying to get a good look and it seemed that all this was too much for the sitting bird and it left the nest to land a short ditance away. In flight it certaily wasn't a harrier but that reddish head really had me intrigued. Eventually I got a clear view and all was revealed, A Whistling Kite, but what had it been feeding on. Obviously a large carcass as it seems the bird had probably entered a cavity large enough to obscure the bird from view or almost.Attachment 61515Attachment 61515Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, with details


    Crikey, Les, that must have been a downed cow or a large kangaroo to cause that much mess on the bird! Well captured.




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