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Thread: Sooty Oyster Catcher and Australasian Pipit

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    Default Sooty Oyster Catcher and Australasian Pipit

    These are a couple of examples of the many and varied birds I came across while walking the beach at Hawks Nest last weekend. This site has been very encouraging in instilling an interest in birds that makes it so much more enjoyable to go out on those long walks and listen and observe more closely. I know my pictures still need a better eye for capturing the right moment but was also looking for recommendations on post production software? Is Adobe Photoshop the right way to go with Apple hardware? I also note many of the pictures on this site seem to significantly reduce the detail of the surrounds to put more focus on the bird. Often the surrounds are very soft? Assume the software assists with this. I have my first photography course in a few weeks time so hopefully the start of an improvement.
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    Nice shots, I think they would do better with more space to the left of them to 'look into'. Also I think most of the backgrounds on images on the forum aren't changed much, just a combination of the distance of the background from the subject and also the focal length of the lens, the longer the lens the more separated from the background the bird will be. In photoshop you can also use gaussian blur or just noise reduction on the background. I think photoshop should be fine on apple but I'm not sure.

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    Hi Andrew, as Tim says about background that is correct also your choice of f stop will determine depth of field and "blur" background or bring more of the surroundings into focus. I use Apple with Adobe Lightroom, but also have Photoshop. I prefer Lightroom for most of the editing except I will use Photoshop if I want to clone something out of the picture, like a bit of dust for example. Good luck
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