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    Yes, with details


    Hoping the capitalisation in the title has drawn your attention!

    Many members say the amount of constructive critique on the forum is decreasing dramatically and I agree. I often want to make positive suggestions on other peoples photos where I think improvements can be made but increasingluy feel intimidated to do so, for fear of appearing to be a know-it-all, which I definitely am not. I want to improve my own photography and really appreciate when others give their advice on what they do and don't like about my posts. If I don't agree with your comment I won't hate you, I will just ignore your comment! David Stowe and Ray Walker are a few of the few people who offer me constructive criticism and I really appreciate their comments because they make me think about my photos and make me strive to do something different and better.

    I hope we can all handle honest heartfelt critique without being offended so please don't be afraid to offer your opinions on my images and the images of others.

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    your comments and suggestions are welcomed

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