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Thread: Common Grass Blue on rosemary

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    Default Common Grass Blue on rosemary

    I'm pretty pleased with the results I'm getting from the diffuser that I've put on the 430 EXIII-RT - the light seems much gentler than with the ring flash, even with the ring flash diffused.

    Canon 7D II/100 F2.8 macro/430 EXIII-RT flash, diffused. Manual exp. ISO 640 F14 1/250 manual flash settings.
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    Very nice Patrick, I'm a big fan of big diffusers. The problem with ring flashes is that they are physically small and IMO really only suited to an MP-E where you are ultra close and the flashes are big relative to the subject. I made mine from a better beamer just glue some stick on velcro to a piece of diffusion material and place it where the fresnel lens goes I made mine a bit bigger so it forms a concave curve at the end of the arms. With that on the end of a flash arm it's quite suitable for use even with a 180 mm macro lens.

    The common grass blue is a fun little subject, very feisty.
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