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    I'm looking to spend 100-150 dollars on a small set of binoculars. I'm currently looking at Nikon. Can any one recommend any thing else or any particualar Nikon set? There look to be quite afew choices at teds cameras.


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    I must admit that i have no idea sorry Tom. One of those things where you get what you pay for pretty much. The more you spend initially the longer before you want a better pair Best thing to do is try them all out so you can see for yourself. It won't take long before you will find one will suit you better -whether its better low light or purely sharpness or even how easy they are to focus etc. I wear glasses so this is a bigger issue for me foe example.
    Do you know what all the numbers mean? eg 10x25?
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    I would suggest going to a place with a good range to try a few pairs. $100-$150 is the bottom end of the range and spending a a little more may well get you something nicer. If you are in Sydney or Melbourne head down to Bintel, they have a good range to choose from and are knowledgable. Binos really are an individual choice.
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