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    Default Photoshopping techniques

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting into the whole photography business and I was wondering if there were any techniques in photoshopping bird pics that would improve colour? Also, wondering what is a good way of composing a picture.


    All reposts and critique welcome

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    There are heaps of Tutorials online to help you. Here's some of the Basic Tutorials!
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    CTRL+U gives you the saturation dialog box, and also you can go to IMAGE>ADJUST>SELECTIVE COLOR where you can do some more tweaks... Very easy once you get the hang of it. Or IMAGE>ADJUST>COLOR BALANCE if the colors are off. Though that can be fixed during RAW conversion via the white balance adjustment slider

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    Hi Henry,

    Its a pretty broad subject so I would suggest you do your research on the net for certain techniques or even better go to your local library (they usually have photoshop books in the computer program section). The best thing to do I think is just experiment with photoshop, as long as you dont save the resulting image you can try all sorts of stuff (and you can't break it either). 8-)
    In regards to composition, there are many schools of thought on techniques but it is a very personal and subjective thing. You can always just post your original, full frame image on here and see what other people would do with it.

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    The best step to start with is to do your adjustments on layers. Layer --> New adjustment layer --> levels, curves etc. Preserves the underlying image so it is easy to go back and start from scratch if you want to.
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