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Thread: Creating photo 'frames' around the pics.

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    Yes, with details

    Default Creating photo 'frames' around the pics.

    This is probably more directed to the guys like Nevil Lazarus, David Stowe etc who sometimes have those nifty frames around their pics.

    How do you do it?


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    Please ask

    Default Re: Creating photo 'frames' around the pics.

    Hi Nigel,
    I just make a blank image filled with the appropriate background colour and resize it to 800px wide plus a bit more than 2:3 ratio for the height to allow room for text. Then add your signature on another layer, plus another text layer for the title. Add some guides to make it easy too position an image and save it. Then open your bird image, resize it (set up an action) to fit the frame and place over the top using the guides to make it more accurate and quicker. Change the text in the text layer, flatten the layers and save as the appropriate name.
    For speed (and also so my logo/ is on the image itself rather than a frame that can be cropped off) I usually just add the watermark logo, a symbol, and then change the opacity of these layers, flatten and save. This is all setup as a photoshop action which saves a ridiculous amount of time. If you haven't got into making actions it can be a really great time saver for repetitive tasks. Especially resizing images, adding sharpening etc etc. I'm certainly no expert on all this - i just know enough to get me by and I'm learning all the time.
    Cheers, Dave WORKSHOPS -

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