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Thread: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

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    Default A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    I finally got around to doing a proper 8hr twitch today and was very pleased with my results. I started out west at 6:15am and finished at Ash Island. The weather was fantastic and plenty of birds were still calling after the high temperatures of recent weeks.
    I've still got to do alot of fine tuning to my route (which I think is unbeatable ) as I wasted a good 45min in traffic which could have been avoided. I also missed many common species that I got last race which would suggest an even bigger total is quite achievable.
    All up I snapped 111 species and recorded (seen/heard) 133, a good hit rate me thinks .
    Biggest dips: Black Swan!!!!!! No Lorikeets, No Corellas and I missed the Red-capped Robin that was perched right next to me until I saw it and it bolted .

    Aust. Wood Duck - Bulga
    Blue-billed Duck - Walka
    Musk Duck - Walka
    Hardhead - Walka
    Pacific Black Duck - Walka
    Aust. Shoveler - Walka
    Pink-eared Duck - Walka
    Grey Teal - Walka
    Chestnut Teal - Walka
    Great-crested Grebe - Walka
    Hoary-headed Grebe - Walka
    Aust. Grebe - Bulga
    Darter - Walka
    Great Cormorant - Walka
    Little Black Cormorant - Walka
    Little Pied Cormorant - Milbrodale
    Aust. Pelican - Bulga
    White-necked Heron - Kitchener
    White-faced Heron - Broke
    Cattle Egret - Ash Island
    Great Egret - Milbrodale
    Straw-necked Ibis - Bulga
    White Ibis - Bulga
    Royal Spoonbill - Walka
    Whistling Kite - Lorn
    Collared Sparrowhawk - Broke
    Swamp Harrier - Maitland
    Nankeen Kestrel - Milbrodale
    Dusky Moorhen - Bulga
    Purple Swamphen - Walka
    Eurasian Coot - Walka
    Bar-tailed Godwit - Stockton
    Eastern Curlew - Stockton
    Whimbrel - Stockton
    Grey-tailed Tattler - Stockton
    Red-necked Stint - Stockton
    Pied Oystercatcher - Stockton
    Black-winged Stilt - Stockton
    Red-capped Plover - Stockton
    Masked Lapwing - Bulga
    Silver Gull - Stockton
    Spotted Dove - Bulga
    Feral Pigeon - Maitland
    Peaceful Dove - Bulga
    Bar-shouldered Dove - Broke
    Crested Pigeon - Bulga
    Galah - Bulga
    Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - Bulga
    Eastern Rosella - Bulga
    Red-rumped Parrot - Bulga
    Fan-tailed Cuckoo - Walka
    Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo - Milbrodale
    Common Koel - Broke
    Tawny Frogmouth - Broke
    Laughing Kookaburra - Broke
    Sacred Kingfisher - Bulga
    Rainbow Bee-eater - Bluga
    Dollarbird - Broke
    Superb Fairy-wren - Bulga
    Spotted Pardalote - Kitchener
    Striated Pardalote - Bulga
    White-browed Scrubwren - Ash Island
    Speckled Warbler - Bulga
    White-throated Gerygone - Broke
    Brown Thornbill - Kitchener
    Buff-rumped Thornbill - Bulga
    Yellow-rumped Thornbill - Bulga
    Yellow Thornbill - Broke
    Striated Thornbill - Bulga
    Weebill - Bulga
    Noisy Friarbird - Bulga
    Striped Honeyeater - Bulga
    Blue-faced Honeyeater - Bulga
    Noisy Miner - Bulga
    Yellow-faced Honeyeater - Broke
    Yellow-tufted Honeyeater - Kitchener
    White-plumed Honeyeater - Bulga
    Brown-headed Honeyeater - Kitchener
    White-naped Honeyeater - Kitchener
    Scarlet Honeyeater - Kitchener
    Grey-crowned Babbler - Bulga
    Varied Sittella - Bulga
    Rufous Whistler - Bulga
    Leaden Flycatcher - Kitchener
    Willie Wagtail - Bulga
    Grey Fantail - Kitchener
    Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike - Bulga
    Cicadabird - Broke
    White-winged Triller - Bulga
    Olive-backed Oriole - Bulga
    White-breasted Woodswallow - Ash Island
    Dusky Woodswallow - Milbrodale
    Pied Butcherbird - Bulga
    Magpie Lark - Bulga
    Aust. Magpie - Bulga
    Aust. Raven - Milbrodale
    Satin Bowerbird - Broke
    Aust. Pipit - Bulga
    Double-barred Finch - Bulga
    Zebra Finch - Bulga
    Red-browed Finch - Kitchener
    House Sparrow - Bulga
    Mistletoebird - Bulga
    Welcome Swallow - Bulga
    White-backed Swallow - Bulga
    Tree Martin - Bulga
    Fairy Martin - Bulga
    Aust Reed Warbler - Walka
    Silvereye - Bulga
    Common Starling - Milbrodale
    Common Myna - Maitland

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    My 4 favourite shots for the day....I've never photographed a Cicadabird before so happy with this result. Certainly the best Mistletoebird and Yellow-faced Honeyeater pics I've taken.

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Wow, 111...
    Great shots there, that Mistletoebird and Pipit are real winners
    Perhaps it is unbeatable in NSW, but at the right time of year, I think North Qld would pip you. Then again, get the Black Swan, and who knows what might happen.

    Happy Birthday! That's definitely a great way to celebrate your birthday!

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Such a nice list, I counted 21 ticks :cry:
    By the way happy birthday mate.

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Well done and happy birthday mate. That Pipit shot is beautiful

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Awesome work mate! LOVE the Cicadabird! Never seen a female before and only seen a male once!
    You've certainly thrown down the gauntlet
    Cheers, Dave WORKSHOPS - Lord Howe Island - 29th November - 6th December 2017.

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Wow, great work Grant, I think that would be impossible to beat from down here. We need someone from Brisbane or further north to have a good chance Great work, I knew the 100 barrier wouldn't last very long. I love that pipit shot at the end, and very envious of the Cicadabird, looked for them without luck a couple of days ago.
    Tobias Hayashi
    Canberra, Australia

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    Default Re: A proper go....Phototwitch 11/12/09

    Damn. you did great. I need to rent you out for a day. There are 16 ticks for me amongst your list, plus a few bogey birds like Bee-eaters.

    Great way to spend your birthday and some great shots to boot.
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