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Thread: Buy CS5.5 or upgrade and get CS6 free

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    Default Buy CS5.5 or upgrade and get CS6 free

    Found this info on NSN, there's now an offer out so that if you buy CS5 or upgrade from an earlier version to CS5 you will get a free upgrade to CS6 when it releases. expires May 6:

    Here's the link to Adobe in Oz:

    Note that the offer text refers to CS5.5 (the full creative suite) , but the FAQ expands on this and says it applies to photoshop CS5 (just PS) as well.

    Good chance for users on lower versions to upgrade to CS5 and CS6 free, allows you to get around the new policy of no upgrades except from the most recent version, note there will be no upgrade path from CS through to CS4 to CS6 in the future.
    Chris Ross
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