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Thread: Focusing Screens?

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    Default Focusing Screens?

    Has anyone used any? any recommendations/horror stories? I'm looking at getting a Katz Eye screen for the 50D if anything - anyone used this?
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    Default Re: Focusing Screens?

    A good focusing screen is a joy to use. I don't have any experience with Katz eye screens so can't comment on that particular option. My experience is with the Canon bright laser matte screens, I have a new F1 film camera (~25 yrs old) with a bright laser matter screen installed, it is an all matte screen and the images are bright and just snap into focus. That screen is basically still state of the art in focus screen. My 1D MkIIn screen is basically nearly as good. Not my preference is for a plain matte screen, I don't like the microprism and split image screens.

    Unfortunately Canon don't make many screens for the 50D, they have an EF-S screen, but it's only suitable for lenses faster than f2.8.
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