You all would have seen our great new featherwiki feature by now and some of you have contributed already which is fantastic. We (the mods) would really love to see this feature expanded in the very near future so we've decided to ask everyone for their help. This week we would love for all members to have a good look around the featherwiki and get yourselves familiar with how it works. If you have the time we would love you to add something to the database whether it be an image or an article of some sort. It is the sort of project where everyone can add their own contribution (however small) and other members can run with it.
For example, feel free to write an article on a species of bird or perhaps a location that you enjoy birding at from there, other members can add images to complement your article and others can add their comments on the location as well.
Any contribution is welcome and hopefully we can start to build up another useful resource that all members can appreciate and feel a part of.

Good luck everyone and remember that there are plenty of "how to" guides included so they should help you and if you have any problems then please ask one of us mods

The team