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Thread: Annoying black boxes/borders on Macs

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    Tony Hansford Guest

    Default Annoying black boxes/borders on Macs

    This happened tonight and has been very annoying. My Intel iMac started displaying black boxes around all open windows and all selected icons. I thought it was a corrupted extension or preference or virus or disk error. I ran DiskWarrior on all disks but no change. I ran MacScan but no change. I ran Disk Utility but no change. I checked all the system preference to do with icons & folders but no good.

    Finally I resorted to Google and found a forum post from 2008 by someone with the same problem. It is a system preference under Universal Access called Voice Over. Apparently if you hit Command+F5 it will turn this annoying feature on.

    I had been using Content Aware fill in CS5 and the shortcut is Shift+F5, so I must have accidentally hit the Command button during the shortcut.

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    Yes, with details


    Safe to assume hitting Command+F5 then removes it again?

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    Tony Hansford Guest


    I'm not sure how it happened Adam but I tried hitting Command+F5 to fix it. That did nothing until I actually opened the Voice Over preference.
    Another extremely annoying side effect is that there will be two Shut Down links, two Log Out links and two Restart links under the Apple menu. This is what made me think I had a corrupt operating system or virus.



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