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Thread: Detailed Maps of National Parks

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    Default Detailed Maps of National Parks

    Hi all,

    I'll be heading to the Victorian North-East (Wyperfeld or Hattah-Kulkyne in the Victorian Mallee) over Cup weekend for a week or so. As this is my first trip out that way, and I'm going solo, I'm keen to make sure I'm well prepared. As such I'm looking for detailed maps of the National Parks and surrounds.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where i may be able to purchase such maps?

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    Please ask


    There is a map of Hattah-Kulkyne you should be able to pick up at any map shop - it's (from memory) 1:25000 scale, and is quite useful. The only problem with Hattah is that it's flat. so you don't really have any points to be able to get directions from if you get lost (as I have before If you can't pick one up before you leave, they'll have them at the visitor centre.

    Best to have that and a GPS where you've logged where you left the car, take note of where the sun is as you strike off into the bush, and compensate as you walk back towards the car. If you're on the Nowingi Track (which you certainly should do!) it's fairly close to the Calder Highway, and you'll hear cars off in the distance as they drive up and down it, so you shouldn't get too lost around there. I've found it the most useful part of Hattah - park your car at the junction of the Old Calder Highway and Nowingi track, walk up it for a few hundred meters, then head south or north into the mallee for a hundred meters or so, then walk parallell to the track for a bit, chasing up anything you hear on the way.

    Another useful way to bird is to look for where other peoples footprints go into the bush I always make big marks in the sand with my feet when walking of track though, whenever I change direction. Getting lost in the mallee once was once too many time. I also carry a compass and gps and paper map of the area, but I'm a map nerd.

    You should also try and hit up Bronzewing Flora and Fauna Reserve. It's sorta just off the highway south of Ouyen, and apparently is a better chance for Malleefowl, although I haven't found any in repeated visits. I've seen Malleefowl tracks at Hattah though!
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