We've just updated the forum software to the latest version. Most of the changes are bug fix related although the mobile style has been much improved so it is now enabled and user selectable.

If you're browsing the forum on a mobile device and not using the Tapatalk forum app (the best option in my opinion) then you can choose the mobile style to make viewing a little more comfortable on devices with smaller screens. The Tapatalk plugin has also been upgraded and along with some bug fixes, it now supports using the 'thanks' button like the regular forum.

[top]Using the Mobile Style

1. From any page scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the style chooser box in the navbar.

2. Select the mobile style from the style chooser.

3. The forum is then simplified and is more suited to the lower resolutions of portable devices.

[top]Using Thanks in Taptalk

The Tapatalk plugin has also been upgraded and now supports using 'thanks' in posts.

1. Click on the post you wish to thank and choose the more button from the popup...

2. Click on the Thanks button...

3. A thumbs up will appear next to the post you've left thanks for...