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Thread: PLEASE READ before posting in the ID forum!

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    Default PLEASE READ before posting in the ID forum!

    A couple of points that will help immensely if you are after an ID for a bird.
    The biggest thing that people seem to forget is LOCATION!
    Please include the location at the very least in your post but ideally even in the title. Knowing the location can sometimes be the deciding factor in a correct identification and will save people having to ask.
    Another helpful thing to do is think about the title and use a more descriptive title than simply "ID please".
    A much better title for example would be "small brown bird SE QLD rainforest"
    Another idea might be to say what field guide you have or if you don't have one. This can again help people to be constructive in their replies.
    Finally - please have a look through the ID forum before you ask the question. Birds like Golden Whistlers seem to be asked about continually so a quick look at previous posts might help you before you even have to ask.
    Don't take that to mean that you can't ask the question of course - there are a number of members who love the challenge and are always keen for a new ID query to come up!

    To all those replying to an ID query please always try to explain WHY you have suggested a certain bird.
    Don't be afraid to make a judgement that might be wrong (although just having a stab in the dark probably doesn't help anyone ) We have all learnt alot from being wrong and being happy to admit it.
    Cheers, Dave WORKSHOPS -

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