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[14] All registered members of Feathers and Photos are able to post images in the appropriate forums. When doing so please be sure to follow these simple rules:

a) Maximum image sizes:

Feathers and Photos have restrictions on photograph sizes presented on the site. These restrictions are 1200 pixels on the longest side in all areas of the site. kB file sizes are also set to 400kB for all forums. Linked photos must also adhere to these pixel sizes.

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* Linked images can be any file size but we ask you consider the bandwidth usage of other members and keep them to a reasonable size for speed of loading.

b) Maximum number of threads posted per day in the image (Photography) forums:

* Only two (2) new threads may be posted per person per day across all of the image (Photography) forums, with only one (1) thread per person per day allowed in the Australian Bird Images forum.

c) Maximum number of images per thread:

* In the image (Photography) forums all members are restricted to posting one (1) photo only in a thread. The later posting of re-edits or other supporting images is acceptable.
* In all other sections of the Feathers and Photos forums you are restricted to posting five (5) images in each post.

d) Required Information

* To make the Feathers and Photos as valuable and educational as possible we require the following information with each post in the image gallery forums. This will help the site to become a great catalogue of Australian Birds. The technical details will help people understand how an image has been created and again have much greater benefit as an educational tool.

1. Common Name
e.g. Sacred Kingfisher

2. Scientific Name
e.g. Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus)
These names should be as per IOC. Other taxonomical references are fine as long as the source is specified.

3. Date
Date is often interesting so that people can see what plumage stage/moult a species is in at a given time of year (shorebirds are a great example).

4. Location
We are not after GPS co-ordinates here (in fact we would refrain in the case of nest sites, especially of rarer species), we do request however that posting at least the general location and state where the bird was photographed be provided, for example: Gluepot Reserve, South Australia

The addition of location helps add greater scientific value to the site, such as identifying what subspecies has been photographed or alerting members to a bird found out of normal range.

5. Camera details
e.g. what camera & lens you have used plus other details such as tripod, hide etc; as well as EXIF data like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO.

6. Post Production
Please include any details of your workflow such as cropping, cloning, noise reduction - especially retouching.

e) Posting of captive images

* If you are posting images of captive birds please be sure to use the word *CAPTIVE* in your topic title. E.g. Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) *CAPTIVE*


[15] Competitions run on the site are voted on by members in a Poll to determine the winner. The results of the Poll are final and no dispute over the results will be entered into. Our Competitions each have their own set of rules that must be abided by. Competition Rules are located in the relevant competition forum.


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Feathers and Photos is a website with broad topic coverage. However, when it comes to medical, financial and legal advice, it's always recommended to seek advice from a qualified professional, rather than asking about it on Feathers and Photos. As such, Feathers and Photos take no legal responsibility for posts seeking or providing Medical, Financial or Legal advice. Members use any advice provided via Feathers and Photos at their own risk. The site owner, moderators or members cannot be held liable for any Medical, Financial or Legal advice posted on the site.

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If an administrator or moderator edits any post/thread, users are not to re-edit that post/thread and reverse, remove or change any edits done by the administrator or moderator.

Should you disagree with an Administrator or Moderator's decision regarding one of your posts, please contact that person or one of Admin/Mod team privately. Publicly challenging a staff member may result in banning, regardless of who is deemed right. For example: a moderator closes or removes your thread. Opening a new thread on the same topic or to insult or challenge the moderator may lead to you being banned.

Should an Administrator or Moderator contact you requesting changes in your posts, your signature, your posting style, or any other comments, you are expected to cooperate completely.

[20] Members must not behave in a way that could be construed as an attack on the site. This includes hacking the site via back-end or front-end, DOS (Denial of Service) attacks and similar criminal attacks.

[21] Under no circumstances will the owner(s) of the Feathers and Photos site, Administrators or Moderators be liable in any way for any content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted or made available in any other way via the website, by a member of Feathers and Photos.

[22] If you disagree with these terms and conditions, you are able to have your account deleted from the Feathers and Photos site, by contacting the Administrator.

[23] As these Site Terms and Conditions may change periodically, members should ensure they familiarise themselves with them from time to time.