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Michael Hains

That's mine thanks

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Common Name- Whistling Kite & Australian White Ibis
Scientific Name-Haliastur sphenurus & Threskiornis molucca

Date-2 May 2015

Location-Mt House Station near the Mornington Wilderness Camp

Camera Details
Brand/Model-Canon 1DX
Lens-EF200-400mm f/4L IS USM EXT, taken at 560mm (1.4 built in converter turned on)

Camera Settings
Shutter Speed-1/320
Exposure Bias/Metering/Flash-

Technique-Slowing worked my way towards the feeding Ibis.

Attraction Aides-Nil.

Post Production-Basic editing, minor crop and then some contrast and tone mapping. Scene was high contrast but limited colour due to poor light so the image was converted to black and white.

Notes-The creek was mostly dry but had some scattered waterholes. The Ibis was enjoying the fishing in the shrinking waterhole. A pair of whistling kites were sitting in trees along the bank. Occasionally they would fly down and threatened the Ibis in the hope it would drop the fish, which the Kites would then steal. The technique was not that successful, in most cases the Ibis ate the fish. I think the Kites stole it once, maybe twice.

What is more interesting is the sequence of photos. The Kites did not attack the Ibis, they just sought to scare it. The Ibis on occasion had a very interesting defensive mechanism where it used its wing and spread it around the front of its body to shield itself from the "attacking" Kite. The Kites sometimes went down together but only one would go in close to the Ibis.

Kimberley Mt House 0041-Edit.jpg

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