After discussion amongst the administration team we've decided upon some changes that will allow an increase in both pixel dimension and file size with regards to uploading image attachments to Feathers and Photos. We've also been able to implement an image resizing option for those that choose to link to external images rather than host their images on our server. This increase in size to externally linked images will permit you to display some truly massive images to really showcase your artwork if you so choose, but please be mindful of the bandwidth usage it will force our members to endure, especially as some members may be on mobile 3G/4G data limits when viewing the forum!

    The new file size restrictions implemented are as follows... please excuse the IQ, these are SOOC images purely for demonstration of size and are not open for critique! We've initially tested these settings and can't foresee any immediate issues but please let us know if you do encounter any and we'll attempt to resolve them when possible.

    • All uploaded attachments to F&P can now be up to 1200px x 1200px and 400KB
    • Externally linked images are unlimited in both pixel dimension and file size, any linked images over 1200px on the largest size will be scaled down to 1200px to retain a sense of formality and standard, if they're equal to or under 1200px they'll display at full size with no loss of quality as no resizing occurs
    • HOWEVER! Externally linked images that are scaled to 1200px can be clicked on and expanded to display their full size in all their glory with no loss of quality!
    • Any MASSIVE externally linked images, those larger than 1920px will still be scaled to 1200px and will only be expandable to a maximum of 1920px.
    • I believe the resizing methods used produce some outstanding images with minimal loss of quality and of course once clicked on and expanded will display at 100% size and quality!

    See the following for examples of the above...

    This is a regular, uploaded attachment to the forum and is 1200px x 800px and 394.4KB

    This is a linked image to my own website and is also 1200px x 800px and 394.4KB. It appears unresized as it is 1200px or under and the quality remains untouched as no resizing has occurred. It appears identical to the uploaded version above!

    This is a linked image to my own website, however at 1800px x 1200px it has been resized to 1200px to conform to the standard display size. Clicking the banner at the top of the image allows the full size image to be displayed in all its (ahem) glory, with no loss of quality.

    Finally, I have a MASSIVE linked image to my website at 4264px x 2843px and 1.5MB. Any images over 1920 pixels will be resized to 1200px just as other oversized linked images but will not display any larger than 1920px when clicked upon.
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