• 2015 **Image of the Week 14/6/15 WINNER** Matthew Jones

    Congratulations to this weeks Image of the Week winner - Matthew Jones for his jaw dropping Striated Grasswren.

    2nd place was Trevor's stunning White-bellied Sea-Eagle

    3rd place went to Kirri's intimate Carnaby's Black Cockatoo
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    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      Congrats Matt and Trevor....Impeccable images.
      Matt, i wish i had of snagged an image of the Striated Grasswrens at Ayers Rock this year. Caling lots and sightings and zipping between bushes but no sittin on a branch perfectly like yours...they're so QUICK!!!
    1. Matthew Jones's Avatar
      Matthew Jones -
      Thanks to everyone for your votes this week. I am humbled by winning IOTW with the current high level of entries. Of course any one of the finalists could have one and my congratulations go to all and especially to Trevor for his stunning capture of a beautiful White-bellied Sea-Eagle and to Kirri for her Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo. Thanks for you kind comments Kirri As you know I loved this image of yours when I saw it the first time, the intimacy between the two birds is delightful to behold. A truly beautiful image, well done