• 2014 *** Image of the Week 25/06/14-Winner**Athena Georgiou**

    Well done to Athena for winning this weeks IOTW over an absolutely ridiculous group of images. So hard was the prospect of choosing a winner this week that some people simply chose not to vote. Well done on your first IOTW win Athena and good luck with many more. Thanks to all voters this week, you're doing a great job


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    1. Shelley Pearson's Avatar
      Shelley Pearson -
      Congratulations on such a stunning shot Athena.
    1. Trevor Murray's Avatar
      Trevor Murray -
      Top shot Athena, a very worthy IOTW.
    1. Paul Pellegrini's Avatar
      Paul Pellegrini -
      Just brilliant, a worthy winner
    1. Athena Georgiou's Avatar
      Athena Georgiou -
      Thank you for all your comments. I am just chuffed. I was so lucky that I was in the right place at the right time.
      I feel especially lucky as the other photos were just so outstanding.
      I would particularly like to acknowledge the contribution made by the mouse.
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Well done Athena, such a wonderful image. The sacrificial mouse made all the difference!
    1. Georgina Steytler's Avatar
      Georgina Steytler -
      Blimey - this is gorgeous!!
    1. John Laing's Avatar
      John Laing -
      A worthy winner, Athena!

    1. Tim Field's Avatar
      Tim Field -
      i love this shot, absolutely amazing