Its my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2013 IMAGE OF THE YEAR

    In 1st place and receiving the prize of the Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 1Tb USB3 & 2 external portable hard drive is...

    Shelley Pearson for her incredible image of a Great Crested Grebe family

    In 2nd place and receiving the prize of a Pizzey digital edition field guide is....

    Again, Shelley Pearson for another family shot, this time of a group of White-winged Fairywrens

    And lastly, in 3rd place and receiving a signed wingsonwire A2 canvas print is...

    Don Wilson for his excellent image of a Satin Bower bird and bower

    Thanks again to all who participated and voted (100 members) for making the year and the comp such a success.

    The feathersandphotos.com team
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    1. Xavier's Avatar
      Xavier -
      Congratulations to Shelley!! Well deserved, the photos are terrific. And also to Don, another marvellous picture!
    1. Don wilson's Avatar
      Don wilson -
      Wow I was surprised to see my bowerbird photo had made third place as there were SO many awesome photos in this years comp and congratulations go to you shelley getting first and second is truly an amazing achievement .
    1. Trevor Murray's Avatar
      Trevor Murray -
      Congratulations Shelley and Don, all excellent photographs.
    1. Richard Jackson's Avatar
      Richard Jackson -
      Well done Shelley and Don, I certainly wouldn't argue against these choices as the three best pics of the year
    1. Duade Paton's Avatar
      Duade Paton -
      Well done to Shelley and Don, just wonderful images and worthy winners.
    1. Kay Parkin's Avatar
      Kay Parkin -
      Congrats to you both! Very well deserved!!
    1. Shelley Pearson's Avatar
      Shelley Pearson -
      Some days you have to pinch yourself to see if its true. Thank you so much for the support it means so much more when it's fellow birders liking your work.

      Congratulations Don on such a stunning image.
    1. Jan Callow's Avatar
      Jan Callow -
      Congratulations to Shelley and Don. They are wonderful photos and well deserved!
    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      Well deserved Shelley and Don...HUGE congrats
    1. Craig Greer's Avatar
      Craig Greer -
      Top stuff Shelley and Don! Love all three! Well deserved
    1. Craig Zilko's Avatar
      Craig Zilko -
      Congratulations and well deserved to both Shelley and Don - your photography certainly inspires. The moment I saw that second place image it had "winner" written all over it, for me, even if I had the talent was to throw the camera in the drawer, only an equally super sharp photo of a nesting night parrot & young had a slim chance to compete - a beautiful and stunning image

      It must have been a tough decision to pick between 1 & 2 for the top spot, but again congratulations to all.
    1. Paul Lynch's Avatar
      Paul Lynch -
      A big congrats to Shelley and Don, thanks for such stunning images.
    1. Mervyn Marsh's Avatar
      Mervyn Marsh -
      Congrats Shelly and Don, very cool photos.. and congrats to everyone who was nominated but didn't win!
    1. Trevor Harders's Avatar
      Trevor Harders -
      Well done Shelly and Don three fantastic images
    1. Rod Warnock's Avatar
      Rod Warnock -
      Superb effort Shelly !! WOW !! 1 and 2 definitely the way to go.
      Don also a great effort.
      Congratulations to you both.
      Best regards
      Rod Warnock
    1. Shelley Pearson's Avatar
      Shelley Pearson -
      Thanks so much for all the very nice comments from you all, really do appreciate it.
    1. Gillian Pitt's Avatar
      Gillian Pitt -
      Great photos , well deserved Shelly & Don and everyone else nominated, & all participants.
      Always look forward to viewing throughout the year. Thanks.
    1. Geoff Stanley's Avatar
      Geoff Stanley -
      Congratulations Shelley and Don awesome photos. Well Done
    1. Paul Pellegrini's Avatar
      Paul Pellegrini -
      Congratulations Shelley and Don. Inspirational stuff, just wonderful. Well deserving winners.