• "MEET A MEMBER" #19 Keith & Judy Humphreys

    Keith & Judy are long time members and joined when Feathers & Photos was known by a different name.
    A formidable duo when armed with cameras and binocular, Keith & Judy put fear into the eyes of any birds they encounter K & J spend their days travelling Australia experiencing and enjoying the natural beauty of this great land.

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

    5am rise, coffee, walk our Boxer dog and say good morning to the resident Tawny Frogmouth around the corner on our way.

    For how long have you both been birding?

    Almost 50 years for Keith after he joined the Gould League and bought “An Australian Bird Book” by J. A. Leach in year 6.
    Almost 40 years ago for Judy when we began camping and bushwalking.

    Do you remember what it was that got you interested in birding?

    Keith : My year 6 teacher who gave me a love for the Australian environment, Fauna, Flora, History and Literature.
    Judy : I caught the bug of Keith.

    If you had to choose to take only your bino’s or camera with you on an outing, which would you choose?

    Keith would opt for his bino’s, Judy would opt for her camera. That way we cover all bases.

    How often do you have time to get out into the field?

    Not very often in our local area since our retirement because we’re away from home a lot. We’ve spent more than 5 months away on birding trips over the past year since Judy retired.

    Are there times when either of you go birding alone or do you both always work as a team?

    We do most of our birding together but if we’re camped in a good location anyone can wander off with their camera whenever they like.
    For us to add a tick to our Life List we need to have both seen that species, we have no individual Life Lists.

    Have either of you a special role when you’re out on the hunt or do you both simply go with the flow?

    We both take our cameras and bino’s. At some locations we go our separate ways so as not to get in each others way. At other times Keith on bino’s Judy with her camera, that way if we encounter anything unusual we can confirm it with an ID shot.

    Do you have a favorite location that you keep going back to?

    We’ve visited lots of fantastic locations over many years, it’s very hard to choose just one or two. Casuarina Campground in Wyperfeld NP Vic, dry country Parrot & Cockatoo heaven. Also Pink Lakes in Murray – Sunset NP. Victoria’s Outback.

    Do you have a dream destination where you would love to twitch?

    We think we may have been there, Cairns and the Atherton Tableland, 30 life ticks in 8 days. We’re planning on gradually working our way North through Outback NSW/QLD as we’ve covered the East Coast several times.

    Have you a preference for birding in the morning or afternoon? If so why do you prefer this time of day?

    Either end of the day is fine by us. Light is sometimes too harsh around midday and bird activity slows down at that time of the day as well.

    Are you superstitious when it comes to birding?

    No, but there is definitely an element of luck attached to birding. You make your own luck by doing a great amount of careful planning & research before going to an area.

    If you have one, can you both share your favorite birds? If so what is it that makes these particular birds so special?

    Keith : Norfolk Island Red-crowned Parakeet, endangered species and were incredibly hard to find in dense rainforest.
    Judy : Spotted Pardalote taken at Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, the first decent bird image that I managed to capture, which made me think, yes I can do this and is great fun.

    What is it about birds in general that keeps both of you interested in the feathered creatures?

    There are so many different species and habitats to visit in Australia. Birdwatching & bird photography can be frustrating at times but we always find it rewarding. If it was easy a lot more people would be doing it.

    Have you thought what you will do after you tick every Australian bird?

    That is highly unlikely but if we did we would start over again.

    Judy in East Gippsland, Victoria.

    Keith at Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory.
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