• 2013 *** Image of the Week 13/10/13-Winner**Julian Teh**

    Congratulations this week go to Julian Teh for his stunning photograph of a Brolga captured at first light feeding in morning fog. Well done Julian!!!

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    1. Chris Martinez's Avatar
      Chris Martinez -
      You can view the page at http://www.feathersandphotos.com.au/...**Julian-Teh**

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      Congratulations Julian!!
    1. Chris Steeles's Avatar
      Chris Steeles -
      So cool Congratulations Julian! Stand out for me
    1. Shelley Pearson's Avatar
      Shelley Pearson -
      Congrats Julian, such a great image and worthy winner.
    1. Julian Teh's Avatar
      Julian Teh -
      Thanks so much everyone for their support, I'm super excited!! Such a great pleasure even just to be able to take part
    1. Richard Jackson's Avatar
      Richard Jackson -
      Awesome photo Julian. Congratulations! You've set a new benchmark here
    1. Trevor Murray's Avatar
      Trevor Murray -
      Congratulations Julian a beautiful image.
    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      Although it was difficult to choose...my eyes kept coming back to this pic...so unique....
    1. Simon Gorta's Avatar
      Simon Gorta -
      Well done Julian!