• "MEET A MEMBER" #15 Bec Z

    Bec is a young woman from South Australia who has a passion for nature and the outdoors. Like all of us here Bec has a special interest in birds and when there is some free time, Bec can be found stalking her local parks observing and recording the species that inhabit them. Bec has also spent a little time in Florida and naturally took every opportunity she had to get out and experience some of the wildlife that the northern hemisphere has to offer. With camera in one hand and binos in the other Bec can feel at peace immersed by nature and what it has to offer.

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

    Why, after 20 years of having them, can I still not sleep through a meowing cat?

    What was it that attracted you to the wonderful world of birds?

    Much of my school holidays growing up was spent on my grandparents farm, I used to spend my time crawling around with a pair of binoculars, watching the local rabbit population. One day when I was out and about, I found a Barn Owl in a tree, I spent the next half hour chasing it around the farm with my point and shoot film camera that didnít have a zoom. Needless to say, the owl is a speck in the centre of the photo. Itís probably my clearest, earliest memory of a special bird and has always stuck with me.

    If you had to choose between your binos and your camera, which item would you take with you on a field trip?

    Tough one, but definitely my camera. Although lately since Iíve been joining the BirdsSA group on their field trips, Iíve found it quite good to use the binos, but I feel lost without my camera and always think of the photo ops Iím missing.

    How often do get the chance to go out birding?

    It certainly varies a lot, but I try to get out at least once a week, it helps me to relax and de-stress and I struggle when I donít get out for a while. I start pacing like a caged tiger.

    Have you a dream destination where you would love to twitch?

    Almost anywhere in Aus outside SA. The biggest dream location I have always wanted to visit is Africa to see wild lions and the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater etc, so I believe that would suit me just fine for birds as well.

    Do you have any preference for the time of day when you go birding?

    If so why do you prefer this part of the day?
    I prefer mornings, and with my early work starts I tend to wake up early on weekends anyway, but a lot of the time I take what I can get. Mornings just always feel so fresh and I love the abundance of calls.

    Are you superstitious when it comes to birding?

    Not particularly, no. Sorry, thatís a boring answer.

    What kind of records do you keep while on a field trip?

    I record all the species at the location and try to take a count as well. I also make any notes on breeding or interesting behaviours as well as weather conditions. Iím as much of a birder as I am a photographer so I like to watch and learn.

    If you could choose anyone to join you on a bird trip, whom would that be?

    Iím honestly not sure, thereís a lot of famous wildlife people that Iím sure it would be pretty amazing to bird with. To be honest, I think it would be just as great to be able to bird with someone close to me, family, a close friend and to show them what it was all about and have them actually be interested and see why I love it.

    Have you a favourite bird? If so what it is that makes this bird so special to you?

    This is a doozey of a question. The more I learn and share special experiences with different species, the more I love all of them. Having said that, I always get a thrill from seeing Rainbow Bee-eaters, no matter the number of times I see them, thereís something about the way they Ďswimí through the sky, their bright colours and happy call that just draw me in.

    What is it about birds that keeps you so interested in them?

    I think itís the fact that itís always a challenge. Sometimes you get lucky, but you can never quite be sure when or even if the birds are going to be around, and even if they are, it doesnít mean theyíll cooperate. In addition, the challenge of ID, and the joy of viewing and photographing new birds. I love bird calls and find that part of the challenge as well, to know all the calls. But beyond all of that, birds have a lot of charm, so many different colours, appearances and sounds, and I love getting to know the different species, finding out their little quirks that make them unique.

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