• New sub-forum 'Not for Critique' and photo posting guidelines

    After discussion amongst the Feathers and Photos team, we felt the need to really clarify what type of images belong in what forum. With this in mind we've changed some of the wording below each photography forum and we've decided to trial a new sub-forum in the Photography section called Not for Critique.

    The photography forums, and in particular, the Australian Bird Images forum are where you can post your best-effort photos for critiquing by other members. However, if you have an image that may not represent your best work but you wish to share it with us, say a rare sighting or record-style shot, you can post it in the Not for Critique forum.

    The current Image Posting Rules still apply:

    b) Maximum number of threads posted per day in the image (Photography) forums:
    * Only two (2) new threads may be posted per person per day across all of the image (Photography) forums, with only one (1) thread per person per day allowed in the Australian Bird Images forum.
    c) Maximum number of images per thread:
    * In the image (Photography) forums all members are restricted to posting one (1) photo only in a thread. The later posting of re-edits or other supporting images is acceptable.
    * In all other sections of the Feathers and Photos forums you are restricted to posting five (5) images in each post.
    We look forward to seeing any images that you wish to share with us!

    The Feathers and Photos team
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