• 2012***Image of the Week 30/12/2012-Winner**Richard Hall**

    Congratulations to Richard Hall this week's winner with his portrait of a Stubble Quail. Well done Rich.

    A stunning portrait of this species, showing so much detail in the feathers.
    Superb detail... on a bird we don't often see in a portrait image!
    Great shot, wouldn't be too many full frame portraits of this species obtained.
    Stunning portrait!
    Other nominated images were:

    Pacific Golden Plover - Duade Paton
    Australian Spotted Crake - Karl Seddon
    Pacific Golden Plover - Patrick K
    Stand Out From The Crowd - Chris Martinez
    Banded Lapwing - Gerard Satherley
    "Pressure's on!" (Southern Boobook) - Chris Steeles
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    1. Duade Paton's Avatar
      Duade Paton -
      Congrats Rich, a worthy winner amongst top competition this week.
    1. Chris Steeles's Avatar
      Chris Steeles -
      Fantastic Rich! Worth the 'Quail dance' to get this shot! Well done!
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Thanks very much to those that voted for my photo, it's an honour to even be nominated when we have so many great photographers and photos on the site.

      Ah yes, the 'Quail dance' Would have looked great on video!
    1. Margaret Leggoe's Avatar
      Margaret Leggoe -
      Amazing portrait of a tiny very shy little bird. Congratulations.