• 2012***Image of the Week 04/11/2012-Winner**Richard Jackson**

    A standout winner this week was Richard Jackson's night image of a Barn Owl (Tyto Javanica) in flight. A skilfully taken image, with a high degree of difficulty. Well done Richard.

    Wins it for me....contrasts here are amazing...very engaging with the eye contact
    Just Superb!
    great BIF. must be hard to get such a high quality photo like this at night.
    Too good!
    Excellent photograph and recognition of Richards technique that made it possible.
    Lovely lighting and feather textures in this night-time BIF shot
    Amazing in flight shot, love the extension of the wings and the bird is beautifully exposed.
    Other nominated images were;

    Striated Thornbill ~ Chris Steeles
    Golden Bowerbird ~ Tyto Tony
    Spotless Crake ~ Anthony (Boydbowlin)
    Australian Pelican (A Long Road travelled) ~ Ian Colley
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    1. Richard Jackson's Avatar
      Richard Jackson -
      I am absolutely wrapped to crack the IOW so thank you to everyone who voted for it. Thanks for your comments Geoff but you forgot to mention that there was also a lot of good luck in getting this shot. Cheers
    1. Duade Paton's Avatar
      Duade Paton -
      Well done Richard, well deserved, I always appreciate your night shots.
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      Superb Richard!
    1. Alan Nicol's Avatar
      Alan Nicol -
      Amazing photo - BIF at night!!
    1. Owen Lishmund's Avatar
      Owen Lishmund -
      Stunning image Richard
    1. Trevor Murray's Avatar
      Trevor Murray -
      Well deserved Richard, congratulations.
    1. Heyn de Kock's Avatar
      Heyn de Kock -
      Amazing image, a real contender for image of the year!
    1. Mervyn Marsh's Avatar
      Mervyn Marsh -
      wow, u gotta be happy with this shot!