• 2012***Image of the Week 28/10/2012-Winner**Alan Nicol**

    The winning image this week is "Pigeon in the Rain" White-headed Pigeon (Columba leucomela) by Alan Nicol. Congratulations Alan.

    Absolutely beautiful. Technically great and image just superb.
    Amazing image!
    At first glance i just love it....the raindrops add an extra interesting element that appeals to me too
    A lovely image that not only shows the bird off well also the elements in which they live.
    Fantastic image, made what at first glance is a fairly drab bird into something of real beauty, SUPERB!!
    Something a little different.. with the bird being in the rain has made this image stand out! In saying that the composition, detail and the way the light has been handled is extremely well done! Very nice image!
    Eight images received votes this week the other nominated images were;

    Regent Honeyeaters ~ Jan Wegener (5 votes)

    Pilotbird ~ Mountainman (3 votes)
    Striated Heron ~ Trevor Murray (3 votes)

    Mountain Thornbill ~ Greg Oakley
    Spotted Harrier (Looming) ~ Paul Randall
    Variegated Fairy-wren ~ Rob Drummond
    Superb Fairy-wren ~ Duade Paton
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    1. Paul Randall's Avatar
      Paul Randall -
      Great to see that there were a lot of votes overall this week Well done Alan, look at the other images nominated (and posted) this last week!! You should be proud mate, this image is up there with the best of them
    1. Alan Nicol's Avatar
      Alan Nicol -
      Wow - thanks everyone.

      I haven't been here long, but I've learned so much since I joined and I continue to be amazed by the quality of photos and the camaraderie here.

    1. Eric Tan's Avatar
      Eric Tan -
      well deserved winner. Congrats Alan. Super
    1. Duade Paton's Avatar
      Duade Paton -
      Really tough week, awesome work one to be printed and placed on the wall.
    1. Greg Oakley's Avatar
      Greg Oakley -
      Well done Alan - superb image,
      Cheers Greg
    1. Ray Walker's Avatar
      Ray Walker -
      Congratulations Alan. It had to be a great pic to knock of mine..,opps I mean the Regent H/E's and you had the one that did it.
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      Really nice image Alan, well composed.
    1. Heyn de Kock's Avatar
      Heyn de Kock -
      Awesome image Alan, a well deserved winner.