• 2012***Image of the Week 7/10/2012-Winner**Eric - Mountainman**

    Plenty of activity in this weeks IOTW. Superb Sooty Owls Tyto tenebricosa by Eric (MountainMan) is this week's winner. Stunning composition... Congrats Eric.
    Eight images received votes this week. Well done to all concerned.

    Wow... look at it! No words needed!
    It's a cracker..
    What an incredible shot! And to be able to capture that magic moment in time must have been so thrilling. Absolutely superb.
    Come on..
    Will never see another shot like this, OMG
    Best sootys shot going on this site .ver see another shotA definitive Sooty Owl shot, like this, OMG
    simply awesome.
    Just amazing! Quality and composition look top notch, such a great moment captured
    One hundred different types of awesome.
    Best Sooty photo ever.
    Other nominated image were;

    Rainbow Bee-eaters - Charleybird
    Brolgas in Flight - Richard NT
    White-fronted Chat - Patrick K
    White-browed Scrubwren - Patrick K
    Monarch on Grey - David Stowe
    Painted Honeyeater - Gerard Satherley
    Scaly-breasted Lorikeet - adrianm
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    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      Well done Eric...what a winner...many other awesome images this week too.....
    1. Chris Steeles's Avatar
      Chris Steeles -
      I still can't get enough of this image!! again well done Eric! deserved winner!
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      That is a beauty.
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Stunning image Eric, well done!