• Phototwitch 2012 - It's ON!

    Ok everyone the 2012 Feathers and Photos PHOTOTWITCH is ON!
    Official Dates are the first weekend in December as per previous years - 1st-2nd December.

    For those of you who have no idea what i am talking about:

    The aim:

    To photograph as many Australian bird species as possible in 8 hours

    1st-2nd December 2012

    Inspired by the popular Twitchathons, a few years ago now Arron Davies suggested the challenge to see how many birds we could photograph in a given time period: and the Feathers and Photos PhotoTwitch was born!

    There is no entry fee and you donít need to pre-register, though you will need to register as a member of http://www.feathersandphotos.com.au to enter. There is no charge for registration on Feathers and Photos and it only takes a minute or two.
    We would also encourage people to register under their real names when joining if possible.

    Your approach to this event can be as competitive or non-competitive as you want. Many participants will see the event as simply a chance to have fun while satisfying their own curiosity about how many species they can photograph in a day.

    There will be a sub competition of Best Photo and Rarest Bird and Biggest Dip. Everyone will be welcome to submit their best two images for judging (and just sharing) in the appropriate forum after the event.
    Might be interesting to keep a tally of how many km you travel too. No limit to distance travelled though

    1. You are limited to a consecutive 8hr block over the weekend. You choose start and finish times.
    2. Birds must be totally wild and free and photographed within Australia (pelagic species are allowed)
    3. No call playback allowed. (Pishing is acceptable)
    4. Putting out food sources is not allowed
    5. Any photo counted must allow the species to be easily and unequivocally identified (when combined with knowledge of location). Whilst outright image quality is not the main aim, we encourage people to try to get as good an image as they can, and not just snap blindly through the car window!
    6. You may travel with others for company etc, however each entry must be photographed by one person only.
    7. Upon completion, you must send a PM to one of the moderators with your total as a list (preferably in taxonomic order). Note - do not post your results publicly. This must be done by 6th December to qualify.
    8. The top 5 MAY be asked to send a low res copy of all their images to the Moderators for scrutiny. There is discussion about this so we might see how we go without asking everyone to submit images.