• 2012 *** Image of the Week 02/09/2012-Winner** Geoff Longford**

    Geoff Longford's Australasian Darter (Anhinga novaehollandiae) is the runaway winner this week. Congrats to Geoff for a superb image.

    Awesome capture of this species, and an amazing behavioural shot..incredible
    Just so awesome,captured grandly and well presented
    Superb image in all respects
    An absolutely terrific shot - love the moment, love the clarity, love the light
    Absolutely breathtaking!
    Not only is the action superb in this image, the low key of the background and bird contrast brilliantly with the silver of the fish. Such a great mood.
    Strength of the subject matter, detail and general presentation.
    Simply amazing, the light, detail and behavior captured is exceptional.
    A great behavioural image with wonderful light, background and composition
    One of the best bird images I've seen!
    Other nominated images were;

    Australasian Darter (2nd in the series) ~ Geoff Longford (2 votes)
    Red-capped Robin (male) ~ Geoff Gates
    Mulga Parrot ~ Duade Paton
    Bell Miner ~ Trevor Murray
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    1. Geoff Longford's Avatar
      Geoff Longford -
      Thanks everyone for the kind comments.Geoff.
    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      This was a winner for me from the first moment i layed eyes on it....well done Geoff
    1. Mark Young's Avatar
      Mark Young -
      Such an awesome image Geoff! Defintely a worthy winner!
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      Absolutely outstanding.
    1. hjorthy's Avatar
      hjorthy -
      Wow. This is gold! That's skill, Imagine trying to pickup a fish out of the water with a pair of chopsticks.
    1. Mervyn Marsh's Avatar
      Mervyn Marsh -
      very cool! nice shot...